Natural cosmetics to effectively combat wrinkles!

The unsightly wrinkles are really dreaded by all women, and many do not hesitate to spend so much money to buy the latest wrinkle in the proposed market and then be disappointed or try to convince themselves of their operation.

In fact the secret to youthful skin is a compact and elastic skin, muscles kept in training and nourished from the inside but also outside. Here are some beauty products for do-it-yourself skin young and happy!

Mask anti-wrinkle


1 tablespoon honey
1 teaspoon of oil of rose musk
1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil
1 egg yolk

Preparation: mix the ingredients well, apply the mask with a light massage and hold it for about 20 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly. This mask combines the hydrating and nourishing oil extra virgin olive oil, musk rose oil principles wrinkle, toning properties of the egg and feeding of honey to give your skin smooth and beautiful.

Oil-wrinkle daytime


Extra virgin olive oil
Rose Hip Oil
Jojoba oil
Avocado oil

Preparation: mix the oils in equal parts, depending on the desired amount and pour in a little bottle dark, so they stay longer and do not lose contact with their principles in the light. In the morning put a few drops of the compound on the hand and gently massage the face. If you feel greasy then remove the excess oil.

However, if your skin is dry you can safely leave it! If you do not like putting oil on your face and you prefer something more solid, add the shea butter to the mixture, causing it to heat water bath and then adding oils. Then pouring the mixture into a pot load of cream and let cool.

Night cream


5 tablespoons shea butter
2 tablespoons macadamia oil
1 tablespoon oil, musk rose
2 tablets of vitamin E

Preparation: in a double boiler melt the shea butter and add the crushed tablets. When the mixture is lukewarm add the oils and mix well. Turn off the heat when it formed a creamy buttery. After pouring the mixture into a pot load of cream and let cool. The shea butter is nutritious, musk rose oil has anti-wrinkle, the macadamia oil is emollient and vitamin E is very important for the skin: a good and simple for the night cream against wrinkles.

Eye contour


Castor oil and shea butter

Preparation: The ingredients are mixed in equal parts, you choose the doses depending on the amount you want.
Melt the shea butter in a double boiler, then add the oil when the butter is warm, transfer to a pot empty and left to cool.
Use this mixture every night around the eyes and see what results! Excellent castor oil alone, buffered near the eyes and leave overnight.