The numerology of Dreams: The Grimace between oral tradition and cabalistic

The dreams have a hidden meaning that always wants to know who interprets them. They are also related to numbers and symbols defined in their care and cabalistic numerology. The Grimace is a book that collects all the numerical meanings of dreams. Here are some excerpts!

There is an ancient and magical relationship between dreams and numbers. We're not talking about anything empirically provable, but something that goes beyond the scientific validity and that goes beyond any study: wisdom. The "sacred text" of the numerology of dreams is the Grimace. It embodies two strands of knowledge: on the one hand, the oral tradition, which belongs to the people, illustrations, stories and on the other, knowledge that has benefited the Jewish Kabbalistic studies and writings. The name is derived from Morpheus Grimace, the great god of dreams, which occurs during sleep, and forward-looking statements to reflect events.
That's why there is a code translation of the dreams in numbers (the lottery) as, indeed, the Grimace. The numbers obtained from a dream, in fact, serve to "groped luck" through the lottery or other more modern derivatives. As, however, concerns the psychoanalytic interpretation of dreams, the story is different and deals with the symbolism in dreams and dream contained in the translation of the unconscious, of past events and forgotten.
The most classic dreams and their interpretation numerological

The house
It represents our mind, family members and close relatives. And 'one of the most common dreams and their different environments have different meanings: The cellar, for example, means the re-emergence of the unconscious, but the cooking shows our intimacy and our altruism. The numbers are as follows: 77 ruined house, the house burning 34, 45 house under construction, demolishing a house 66.

They are a symbol of luck, but also an omen of trouble, follows that they are domestic or wild animals. The number is 22 for pets, for pets 84, 44 for wild animals, being chased by animals is 23, talking animals is the number 6.
Among animals, the dream of dogs and cats are the most common, but in this case the meaning is different favors of how these two friends of man appear in a dream. The white dog represents loyalty and its corresponding number is 30. The hunting dog and has adventures as a mean number of 51. The barking dog is 16 and is fighting. The cat is the pet dog and is opposed to infidelity and deception. The number of cats is 34. The black cat, you know, foretells trouble and his number is 53. The white cat is treason and his number is 25. The cat is scratching the disease and its number is 88.

Dreaming of falling
It 'a dream is very common and according to science it is due to the displacement of the diaphragm which causes night a different perception of their body. For numerology, however, fall is a disgrace and misfortune. Falling into water does not have the courage to face a decision. His number is 15. Falling from a ladder representing the financial problems and has the number 51. The good news, however, is that if it gets up right away, the dream takes on a positive connotation. In this case, the corresponding number is 16.

The train
Needless to say, Freud was a phallic symbol. For the face is the quiet life and running a little 'slow. If the train runs into the gallery, however, indicates an irrepressible sexuality and how the number 56. If you are traveling by train, the business will be good to play and the number is 84.

Indicate the achievement of perfect balance and ensure longevity and success. Do not forget that for Jung's father and mother are also archetypal significance. In numerology the number of parents is 80 and that of their death on 29.

Finally, there are flowers, which represent harmony and happiness, especially in love. The number of flowers is 20, the deck 51 and 30 of the dried flowers.