Stones necklaces for yourself by using polymer clay

Alternative to the idea of costume jewelry necklaces DIY made ​​with semiprecious stones or glass stones is the creation of jewelry with pearls and beads polymer clay. The polymer clay is a polymer clay sold in stores in various colors.

Is modeled by hand very easily and, after baking, it hardens and is perfect to realize the original jewelry crafted entirely by hand.

The advantage of using polymer clay for the stones of your necklaces is the ability to create, starting with very few materials, endless possibilities.

The different colors of polymer clay can be mixed together to create it effects multi-colored, marbled, striped or polka dots.

In addition there are also special versions enriched with glitter or even fluorescent.

Even on the form you can pick any of the stones: stones spherical, cylindrical, cubic, rectangular-shaped or even shaped like a cute candy. Clearly do it yourself create stones of small size requires a little 'experience and skill, but practice is really fun and you can involve your children.

The easiest way to start creating polymer clay beads for your jewelry do it yourself is to draw two overlapping layers of polymer clay, roll a barrel on the stones and then cut with a knife. along the outer edge to leave in plain view, once they are strung, multi-colored side. Remember that it is essential to pierce the stones before cooking, you can just use a toothpick.

This is just an example for other stones in beautiful handmade polymer clay check out our photo gallery!