Tips for a perfect wedding!

 make up

The make up of the bride is a trick a bit 'more complex than usual, which is why the makeup artist and esthetician, make you pay more (even if sometimes exaggerated). There are some rules to follow that it is better to get to the fateful day with a perfect makeup.

A bride should have the natural complexion, enlivened only by a touch of blush on the cheeks or cheekbones. Must be strictly waterproof mascara and eye shadow should be pastel, absolutely not glitter. Warning: Eye make-up must be designed to showcase the best shape and color. Even lipstick will serve to highlight and beautify your lips, not to draw them.

The trick of the bride, then must fulfill these four functions:

- Correct
- Beautify
- Make photogenic
- Last throughout the day

It 'good to choose your bridal make-up in tune with the hairstyle, which is why it is advisable to test the makeup and the makeup in conjunction with the evidence of hairdressing.