What is the emotional quotient (EC)?

It is a concept that Daniel Goleman, an American psychologist, theorized in 1995 that assesses the ability to implement and operate the way of intelligence based on emotion.
Investigations conducted Goleman shows that career success is determined by non-technical skills related to affect as adaptability, empathy, initiative, confidence, ease ... So there are people with a high IQ, was unsuccessful, while others less well at that level easily shine through the emotional capacities exploited wisely.

CE improves with age and can work and develop constantly through very simple exercises. On the contrary the intelligence quotient (IQ), whose development stops at adolescence. These two forms of intelligence are not incompatible, but complementary to perfection.

Emotional intelligence is paramount, while the use of these tests in the business world is beginning to become as widespread as the interview work . Today, in order to cope with the competitive and strategic imperatives of the company, required many personal and social traits. Measuring these emotional qualities further gives an idea of the personality of the candidate. And in cases where technical and intellectual skills are very similar between applicants for a position, emotional intelligence might make a difference.

The test shows the ability of CE concentration of the candidate control the feelings and emotions and their ability to manage relationships with others. The result of the test is measuring the level of empathy.

In many companies like L'Oréal and Peugeot already beginning to assess the quality of working relationships with oneself and others.

What is it? The Baron popularized by psychologist Ruben BarOn U.S., is one of the most known and used test today. With scientific validity, this measure of emotional intellect is often used in the U.S. since 1995. Although its entry into Europe was somewhat later, has been very successful in business to hire new staff. The test consists of a hundred statements attributed to life in general evaluated and grouped into five levels in fifteen dimensions. The candidate must score each of the statements on a scale of 1 to 5. The computer answers recounts and analyzes the results compared with other results already received. For example, in the statement "I prefer to work alone together" if the candidate replies, "I prefer to work only" intuit that has a low intelligence level as their coexistence is considered low. The findings will be evaluated taking into account the position you want to cover.

There are many tests designed by psychologists on the Internet to gain insight to exploit effectively our personal and social skills.
It is clear that these tests are not effective and the results are true if the candidate does not respond with sincerity.
Once we receive the findings, we can be more or less uncomfortable with the outcome. The important thing is to always learn something of our way of being.