Motorbike hits record of 25 places in the world

Designed and built by Colin Furze, this two-wheeled vehicle with a capacity of 25 seats, was honored by Guinness World Records as the longest title of the motorcycle world.

Plumber by profession in Lincolnshire, UK, Furze took the trouble to build this bike with nothing more, nothing less than 22 meters long, thanks to its huge elongated frame, aluminum.

As expected, this vehicle is not meant to walk on the road much less with people over 25, but according to its builder, the motorcycle in the future will be strengthened so as not to collapse with all this weight.

After all, it is possible or not drive this vehicle?

The answer is simple with no people over 25, but Furze alone was able to bring it over 1.6 km, reaching an impressive speed of 56 km / h.

Thus, the motorcycle hit the world record of the vehicle longer, with a difference of 7.62 meters for the previous record.