Nail fungal infection, natural remedies to fight this annoying fungus

The typical disease of the nails, especially of the feet, is infection by a fungus (the fungus that gives rise to the mycosis) that attacks one or more of them. It is easily recognized because it occurs with a yellowish or whitish spot under the tip of the nail and spread, makes thicken until they crumble, then from the sides.

As the infection continues to spread if not treated specifically, you should contact your doctor as soon as you notice the small spot below the top of the nails, to intervene as soon as possible.

The fungus has a particular disease state in which our skin is attacked by parasites, microorganisms, which often grow and thrive in moist environments, and are very durable, so that very often lead to relapse and relapse.

The symptoms are itching, burning sensation in the affected area and, depending on the type of fungus that struck us, redness, scaly skin patches or very clear.

Defend themselves against fungi, and often difficult, especially if you frequent areas where these micro ganisimi can reproduce easily, such as swimming pools. Even an agreement sweating, if not supported by frequent washing of the skin, can lead to the development of fungal infection.

Although the main board, in case of fungal infections, is to contact your doctor promptly, so you have the right care in the second case, you can enlist the help of some natural remedies that are used every day together, may prove useful and effective, especially when we are at the beginning of infection or when we want to observe rules of hygiene and daily cleaning, which avoid the aggression of larger areas.

Decoction: Boil for 15 minutes in a liter of water and 40g of burdock root 15g of thyme. Before drinking the decoction, add 30 drops of extract of propolis. This natural remedy serves to strengthen our immune system, and above all, plays purifying action on the skin against infection, impurities, acne and irritation. E ', therefore, very useful to minimize the aggression of the skin and the healing time and infection has cleared

Marseille Soap: Cleanse your skin regularly with a liquid Marseille soap by adding one drop of essential oil with thyme red cleansing treatment that will lower the pH too much acid in our skin, which is a favorite of the environment and prevent fungus that can spread further.

Calendula and Chamomile: At the first signs of infection may have recourse to the properties of calendula and chamomile. Simply apply a gauze soaked in warm water to where you previously paid or 30 drops of chamomile or marigold.

Maleuca Alternifolia: Particularly effective as a natural antifungal are the leaves of an Australian tree, Melaleuca alternifolia to, the extract can be added in drops to the foot bath water for about 15 minutes. The recommended dosage is about 6 / 8 drops per liter of water. Can be used as a treatment for daily hygiene of the affected skin mycosis, for at least 30 days, to reduce the attack of the fungus on the skin.

Tea Tree: It 'a tea made from tea tree leaves and is an excellent remedy against fungus, as its principles damage the membrane of the fungi without irritating healthy tissue. Just applying a few drops on the infected part.