Tumors, salt the survival of women

Increases healing and increases the number of especially the health of cancer patients.
If in general the increase in survival in Europe at 5 years after diagnosis of cancer is 5% for men, for women is 7% of total cases, while the only breast cancer has increased from 74 to '83%.
The radical change of direction for ovarian cancer: in this case survival is 30-40% compared with 20% a few decades ago. Make periodic inspections and investigate like Pap smears and mammograms has completely changed the statistics on female cancers.

While increasing the number of diagnoses, earlier and earlier age of the population and because of the extension, the other also increases the strategies and therapeutic interventions increasingly multidisciplinary and personalized. INFORMATION - From the meeting at the Regina Elena in Rome "The image rediscovered the centrality of life of patients" shows how women always want to be more informed about prevention projects, but also of prognosis, therapy and course of all that can improve their lives during and after the fight with the disease to be fully aware and to better enjoy their lives.

Do not give up sexuality, pregnancy and motherhood experience. They learn to manage symptoms related to the toxicity of certain therapies and adjust for the correct voltage to a location where the integrated care of oneself and one's body puts the needs and responses is shared. "We learned that the psycho-physical is an ally in fighting certain diseases better - says Francesco Cognetti, Director of the Department of Medical Oncology of the Regina Elena -. In the case of female cancers also can immediately count on a good therapeutic alliance with the woman, increasingly conscious and combative. " FERTILITY - The conference was also discussed fertility and procedures that allow you to keep it even after tumors of the reproductive system: the patients can get pregnant up to 30% of cases. "On some women can do a surgery that removes only the tumor without removing the entire kidney, while maintaining very low risk of recurrence - Lorusso said Sunday, the department of gynecology oncology hospital Gemelli in Rome - for the But when this technique is still experimental and is performed only in specialized centers because the patient must be carefully selected and followed after the procedure. " The technique can be applied to early-stage ovarian tumors (10% of cases), 30% of cervical cancers, the ones discovered early, and 5% of the endometrium and pregnancy rates may even reach 50%. Good news for women, one in a thousand, they discover that you have a tumor in pregnancy: "In this case it was found that chemotherapy does not cause serious damage to the child, if started on the second or third trimester, as long as you choose right drugs - continues Lorusso -.

Today we have a wide choice of therapies and two-thirds of the tumors in pregnancy can be treated without having to interrupt the pregnancy. " BREAST CANCER - The breast cancer has also spoken of the Senate health committee, which voted unanimously concluding document of the hearing on the degenerative diseases of performance.

The study found that screening for the prevention of breast cancer - the first cause of death in the range between 35 and 50 years are diagnosed each year and that about 40 thousand Italian women - has spread to "patchy" with huge differences between North and South The survey, which lasted one year, considering the Italian situation has photographed some diseases "particular social importance", such as breast cancer, chronic rheumatic diseases and HIV syndrome. For breast cancer, said Senator Laura Bianconi, there was a reduction in the mortality rate thanks to early detection, but strong differences remain between the regions: the coverage for screening tests offered by the NHS to women between 50 and 69 years ago, a rate of 89% in the North, the Centre and only 75% to 38% in the South The commission also asked to expand dall'Ssn offered screening to women up to 74 years, as well consider preventive exams for younger women (40-50 years) given the increasing frequency of cases in this age group.

The survey also stresses the European Parliament has called on Member States to organize special units by 2016 Breast (breast units), establishing the minimum criteria for certification: treat at least 150 new cases a year, have surgeons who perform minimum of 50 events per year, use at least a thousand refertino radiologists mammograms per year. (Source: Reuters)