Hair Extension , the pros and cons

The extensions give a longer hair and bushy, but care must be taken to the materials used and the professionalism of who performs the treatment.

An increasing number of women who undergo long visits to the hairdresser to stretch and make the hair thicker due to the application for extension, which allows otherwise impossible hairstyles with your natural hair.
Some extensions are made from synthetic fibers, but the result is quite false.

The best extension makes use of human hair, which have different characteristics depending on the origin.

The Chinese hair are much thicker than European hair and should be subjected to various treatments before being used as extensions. They have a low cost and satisfactory quality.

The hair from India, almost always cut from the faithful who offer them to the gods as votive offerings, have a thickness that makes them suitable for processing into extension without the need for complex treatments. Their excellent quality / price ratio.

The European hair, finally, are thinner and are available in a variety of colors. High-quality European hair often does not have to undergo any chemical process to become extensions, which makes them quite expensive.

There are several techniques for applying hair extensions. You can tie strand by strand (Brazilian technical) or you can create braids that are sewn extensions (method Africa).

The application that provides the best aesthetic effect attachment to the scalp by means of keratin. This technique, however, can damage your natural hair.

In this regard, the British Trichology Society recently warned women against risks related to the use of extensions. Experts maintain that the increasing popularity of hair extensions has visibly boosted the number of young women struggling with problems such as haircare patches of baldness and alopecia.

The Society Trichology therefore advisable not to take too long these prostheses, in order to avoid permanent hair and skin. The extensions are heavy to carry, does not easily absorb water and hang up easily.

The increase in the number of requests made so many hairdressers do not have a specific expertise, we are equipped to offer customers the opportunity to experience this beauty treatment. Treatment, which again must be performed only by qualified specialists.

You should therefore always ensure the quality of hair used and the professionalism of those who do the work. It is also preferable to be wary of those who propose extensions at very low prices, a clear indicator that the materials used are certainly not the first choice.