Hairstyle 2011

Long black hair bangs

Cut pattern with a long fringe trend for 2011 woman with long black hair. 2011 hairstyle with bangs long on the side that covers the whole front for woman or teen with a round face.

Fringe tapered through

2011 through tapered fringe of long hair light blonde natural woman or teen with a round face. Model fringe pattern through a tapered long hair.

 Fringe straight tapered light blond

 Model tapered straight hair with fringe in fashion for 2011 on light golden wavy blond hair. Model 2011 with tapered fringe color very light blond locks.

Through fringe of short hairstyle

Model fringe through 2011 on a short hairstyle for women with a brown oval face and black hair. 2011 hairstyle with bangs angled covering the whole front of short hair.

Square haircut blonde plunging

Model haircuts 2011 square with a square plunge on hair color ash blonde. 2011 square hairstyle for woman or teen girl with a round face

Brunette hairstyle with bangs to the side

Model 2011 hair woman with hair styled in a square and with a long fringe on the side. Haircut brown-haired woman in fashion for 2011.