The benefits of frozen vegetables

We agree that we all think we have to eat more vegetables, but you have to buy, prepare, preserve ... Although we put good will in a seen and unseen courgettes we find damaged or otherwise, without motivation to the dish of green beans ...

The solution lies in the frozen food section! You could say that frozen vegetables are almost the same taste as fresh, so it would be a shame not to use it. They contain more vitamins and minerals and also to save time cooking environmentally friendly!

Discover with us:

Why frozen vegetables have more vitamins than fresh?
Among the collection and packaging spend as top 5 h. When we buy vegetables at the market are fresh, true, but if not consumed within 24 hours will lose half of their vitamins. To take advantage of their qualities, the ideal would be consumed in a row, even freshly picked: impossible unless we have our own garden!

For this reason, frozen vegetables are richer in vitamins than a kilo of green beans at the grocery store on Saturday morning and cook on Tuesday night ...

They are also round in the market, allowing you to cook some summer vegetables in winter, without having to buy imported vegetables are always expensive. Is written in the bags came from what country, just to check. Then obviously you have to respect the cold chain to avoid altering the virtues of the vegetable.

What is the difference between frozen and frozen?

• The deep freeze is an industrial process. The product temperature drops very quickly (within minutes) to prevent the vegetables are altered. Nutritional qualities are preserved.

• Freezing is done at home. The temperature of the product falls relatively slowly: it takes an average of 24 h for a food is completely frozen. The formation of ice pop plant cells and the food's nutritional strengths can be altered. To freeze or a product, we must ensure that food is at least "wet" possible.

You gain time and money

Frozen peppers 1 kg = 1 kg of peppers used. However, if you buy 1 kg of fresh peppers, and you have to clean, remove the seeds and cut them, you have left is always less than 1 kg.

Another advantage: Do you buy but you only need 1 kg 200 g? Withdraw the amount you need and keep the rest in the freezer.

Moreover, the price of frozen vegetables does not suffer the same fluctuation fresh vegetables available all year.

Time: already cut, washed, peeled and ready to use! It is enough to heat or thaw (in the oven or microwave in the "unfreezing"), or even add them directly in any recipe (fried vegetables should not be thawed for cooking).

In the market the natural frozen vegetables mixed with sauces, flavors ... you have to choose from!