Max Mosley, former FIA president, filed a complaint against Google

Max Mosley, former president of the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile, decided to sue Google to force the California firm to review its system of moderation.

In 2008, Max Mosley launched legal action against the magazine News of the World for violating his privacy by publishing a video of his sadomasochistic practices with a group of prostitutes, all in costumes Nazi connotation. The man also appealed to the European Court of Human Rights in order to get the media are obliged to inform the upstream people likely to have their private life made ​​public through such scoops, so that 'they can ask for the ban before publication. This request is unsuccessful, but Mosley won the withdrawal of the video. In 2011, News of the World , a subsidiary of News Corp., was involved in a matter of wiretapping. More specifically, the media would have employed private detectives to hack Communications stars of the show biz and politics. It would, moreover, paid over a million pounds to "victims" in an attempt to cover-up. Although the tabloid has since ceased publication, a public inquiry was opened in Britain in order to clarify the underside of the case.

It is in this context that Max Mosley, brought to testify, revealed that he had initiated new legal proceedings related to the now famous video of his antics, this time against Google in France and Germany. The former president of the FIA, which has already paid 500,000 pounds sterling to prevent the websites to broadcast video, advanced red tape when it comes to Google to remove pages from its index. "  The fundamental point is that Google may stop (this video) to appear, but they refuse to name a matter of principle  , "he argued. "  We do not want and we can not control all that is published on the Internet , "said the Mountain View company,"  but when we learn via a request from the court that a particular page of this illegal content when we do everything we can to remove it our research results  . "