Cotton Shawls

Cotton shawls are essentially rectangular or triangular piece, cotton cloth hung over the shoulders, head or upper body.
Available in colors and styles and are generally inexpensive compared to other types of shawls tissues. Some shawls of cotton have fringed edges that can be decorated with pearls, jewels and crystals.

Types of cotton shawls

Cotton shawls unique color

Colored cotton shawls are made from only hand-woven yarn dyed cotton in a single, color block.
They are usually available in basic colors like black, white, blue and tan.

Cotton shawls

Multi-colored cotton shawls are made from cotton yarn dyed hand-woven in various colors.
The colors can also come from various lines of colored cotton thread.

Selection of cotton shawls (the buying tips)

Length: Choose a long cotton shawl if you want to use it use it as a halter or a tube top. A shorter shawl big enough to cover simple.