Importance of jewelry

Jewelry has a great importance in the past. In ancient times it was worn as a symbol of wealth and status, but are now more commonly used as accessories.
Women are very passionate about their use and they use to adorn and add to their beauty. It 'made from gold, diamond, silver, copper, wood, enamel and pencil. These materials are extracted from different sources to make jewelry. There are a number of designs and colors is presented in which these different types of jewelry and jewelry are worn on different occasions. The variety of jewelry includes pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, nose pins, charms, bracelets, piyals, etc. All these rings are cut in different shapes and sizes.

Now look at what kind of jewelry should be worn as a type of occasion. In the case of weddings, gold and diamond jewelry is commonly worn. The bride wearing heavy type of jewelry including jewelry worn by heavy type.
The bride must keep it in his mind during the selection of jewelry gems or pearls set must match the color of the dress. In the event wearing a dark suit and jewelry color combinations of light should be preferred, if the work is heavy on the outfit then you should opt for a jewel that is light in weight, with fewer gems or pearls in it.

Another accessory that wives mostly just wear the tikka is the door on that front. They are also available on the market in a number of sizes, types and designs. The bride should choose one that suits his personality tikka. The broad face with brides should choose a long and very delicate tikka, while brides with narrow faces should opt for the opposite.
On the eve of the wedding, the bride as well as other women on the eve should wear earrings and bracelets. Beautiful rings of gold or diamonds are usually exchanged between the bride and groom on this occasion. This ring should be selected that is delicate and well made.

The jewelry we wear to formal occasions is very different from what we wear to the wedding in a way that the series of enormous size, tikka and piyals are avoided. The jewelry in silver, enamel and ink are preferred on such occasions. Small earrings and beautiful colors are worn.
Sometimes they are the earrings drop falling from the ear lobes, others stick to it. The pendants are usually used silver back, gold or brown in color, as these colors go with all kinds of clothes. The bangles and bracelets are also worn. The importance of jewelry that adorns the person and the person than to look nice even look stylish. A person feels confident with the accessories worn on him and, therefore, must be worn jewels but his choice must be made wisely.