Madonna - macrobiotic diet

Madonna is the perfect emblem of the fiftieth sport that has not a single hair grease. And for that she trusted the yin and yang foods! Thus, it is careful not to eat too much yin food such as raw vegetables,
tropical fruits or very yang foods such as meats, poultry or coffee. It finds its balance with whole grains, vegetables, white fish and algae.

Why It Works

When you see Madonna in concert, it is impossible to deny the success of his regime . At the same time, when we know that when it cracks it is not for a piece of chocolate but on sunflower seeds or pumpkin, we say that the system would work with everyone.

By depriving them of vitamins and eating only little animal protein, the weight loss is inevitably very fast.

The less
the food selection is very limited, so there is a risk of deficiency.