Sharon Stone - GI diet glycemic index

With the line it has 50 years, Sharon Stone ... inspires respect and irritation if they know that no one misses anything for his regime , there is something cringe.

She can eat as much as she wants vegetables, whole grains and even spaghetti. As long as they are not bad carbohydrates, Sharon benefits. Far from being restrictive, this system is also intelligent. Indeed, food is color-coded according to their glycemic index. Thus, we know exactly what you can eat and in what quantity: red is avoided, the yellow one is careful and green we go to the bottom.

Why It Works
Because his life is about more precisely not a diet. "You know, I do not take the head when I feel I have a little melt my hips and my belly. Imagine that all my clothes are size 36! As soon as I can fit more in my pants, I know I have no other solution. "

no longer need to count calories , or force yourself to eat a dessert plate. In addition, you lose two pounds a month without starving.

The least
Do so and if you find let us know!