South Beach Diet Plan, The South Beach Diet

This scheme was developed by Dr. Agatston. Or dietician or nutritionist, the doctor of the State of Florida is a cardiologist decided to develop its own plan. Translated into different languages, the famous Miami regime.

After noting that the methods "classic" to lose weight to his cardiac patients not won much success, Dr. Agatston decided to create his method. He published a book in 2004 when the United States ("The South Beach Diet") and to its success (millions of books sold), it was quickly exported, particularly in France under the title "The regime Miami" .

Principle of the regime Miami

Dr. Agatston has actually raise, like many of his colleagues, the fashion of the "Atkins", which is a so-called "Low Carb", that is to say without carbohydrate, so no carbs or sugars, and very rich in lipids (fats and fatty foods) and protein (meat, fish ...).

The goal is to disrupt the metabolism of fat in reserve to draw on its past the calories the body needs. But the regime "Atkin's" have been criticized (especially for cardiovascular risk), Dr. Agatston has made some changes to make it seem less dangerous.

Miami regime in practice

The "Plan" is characterized by three phases: the first two weeks, is an "Atkins classic", but with greater emphasis on green vegetables (they are all allowed, except beet, carrot, pumpkin and squash) and it is recommended that a selection of fat (animal fat, butter or cream type should be limited and replaced by olive oil or rapeseed oil, fish fat, nuts ....) .

In the second stage, cereals, but only in their complete form, are reintroduced, and all vegetables (except beets) and most of the fruits of which were banned in phase 1 (it is still necessary to eliminate the phase 2 banana, pineapple, raisins and fruit in syrup). The potato and corn, however, are still excluded. The third step corresponds to a diet that includes all the "ingredients" in terms of preventive health (fiber, polyunsaturated fat, vitamins ...).

Effectiveness of the Miami

In the short term, the results can be spectacular, about 5 to 10 kg from the first two months. American studies show that diets such as "Low Carb" so low in carbohydrates, better results in immediate weight loss with a typical diet low in fat. But only in the short term. In the medium and especially long-term results are similar, so disappointing *.

Advantages and disadvantages of the regime Miami

But what are the advantages and disadvantages of this method? Small picture:

Pros: Of all the regimes "Low Carb" in vogue in the United States and in France today, the regime Miami seems to be the most interesting. First, Dr. Agatston is a cardiologist, and he understood the importance of some vegetable fats compared to saturated fat type and / or hydrogenated on the prevention of cardiovascular disease ... He also played a lot in Phase 2 the concept of glycemic index by entering into "war" against all refined grains. Finally, the proteins contained in meat or fish (almost at will in the first phase) have a satiating effect undeniable, all of which are accelerated by the ketone bodies that are secreted by the body to produce energy.

Cons: There is already the danger of isolation, because this type of plan, where there are many "forbidden" or "principles" with the mandatory three distinct phases, is very difficult to reconcile with the life of all days it is rare to "impose" its menus when invitations to corporate self, the restaurant between "friends" in the family ... But the major drawback lies in the fact that the people met by the first phase where weight loss is the quickest, pursued too long, causing the same risks as those of the Atkin's diet (excess uric acid with the possibility of gout, gallbladder problems related to overconsumption of fat, constipation due to lack of fiber, vitamin deficiencies, especially the C and micronutrient ...). Finally, in all phases, some data are not taken into account, such as the glycemic index, food not in isolation, but a mixed meal and that would be consumed occasionally potatoes earth ...

With regard to unsaturated fatty acids, the regime Miami does not emphasize an important fact: the omega-6/omega-3 ratio must be one of concern in terms of balance when consumed as vegetable fats. It also promotes margarine instead of butter, as they are sometimes just as "bad" given that they may contain hydrogenated fats!

In conclusion, the first phase generally makes them happy 'carnivores' people's preferences "salty" and those who are frustrated by overly stringent. Here we find some male characteristics! ... But taboos are many, this first phase is incompatible with a "normal life". Note that the last phase of the plan is interesting and can actually relate to all people concerned about some way to their balanced diet.