Waxes Face: What is it?

A depilatory wax face is a product used to remove unwanted facial hair. It is spread thinly over the skin and left for a few minutes before it was washed with water or cleaning cloth to leave skin soft and clean.
It is commonly used to remove excess hair and eyebrows, and hair above the upper lip and chin.

Hot Wax Face

A wax hot face heat used effectively and easy to remove facial hair.
Leaves skin smooth and hair free for up to eight weeks.
It is gentle on the skin, however, requires initial tests on the skin to ensure a safe and effective.
In general, contains azulene, beeswax, and the European solution for thick coarse hair.
Wax cold side

A cold face wax does not require the application of heat.
It leaves a cool sensation on the skin.
Usually, it contains natural sugar wax that is gentle on the skin.
It can easily be rinsed with water.
Leaves skin smooth and hairless as eight weeks.