The color of the walls

It 'a fact well known that colors affect our emotional state and our office of vital energy, which is why, when we go to choose the color of the walls or furniture environment in which we are going to live, it would be better to keep in mind some basic information.

The color sensitivity, being partly subjective, it also has a common psychological correspondence between colors and moods, which has been scientifically proven. In few words we can say that each color has a sort of influence on our mind, an influence that is common to all, more or less marked, and that has its parallel in human history.

Color Tips for the home
Characteristics of color

Red-colored walls
It gives vitality, is the color of fire and passion of love and also the property of attracting attention to himself. Decreasing the intensity and saturation can be a red color that can increase the sense of intimacy and concentration, while maintaining an appreciable sense of warmth.

Orange-colored walls
It 'a warm color, has the ability to "unlock", to give voice to all that is repressed allowing it to overcome any restrictions. In his warm tones, and then tending to red, evoking love and wisdom.

Yellow-colored walls
Yellow is a color that opens the door to change, inspires a sense of freedom and exhilaration, joy. In nature often has the meaning of danger, such as wasps, bees, tigers, etc. ..

Green-colored walls
Green is a color balancing, both physically and mentally, is the color that best represents the nature and freshness. And 'known as the color of hope, and then gives a feeling of peace and general relaxation.

Blue-colored walls
The blue and the shades have the power to slow the pace, almost soporific. And 'the color of sky and water, gives a feeling of confidence, stability and serenity. It has spiritual strength antidepressant.

Purple-colored walls
It is considered the color of meditation as active braking energy and dynamism, allowing better concentration at the inner level. It has a strong symbolic value and is the color of Lent Catholic Church.

Environments and colors
Stay: This is the room where you can indulge with your favorite colors and which can give a touch of originality with the use of the most hazardous combinations.

Kitchen: The favorite colors for this part of the house would be yellow and white because, besides giving a great sense of light in the kitchen never hurts to express a sense of hygiene and cleanliness.

Colors and the environment - color walls
Bedroom: a room that is obviously dedicated to rest and where we restore their energies, for the furnishing of this room would be set to choose the most relaxing colors such as blue.

Bathroom: are suitable for all shades of colors that draw water, but at the same time are very well colored walls with warm colors like yellow and orange, colors can give happiness to the environment.