The country where all the gays can get married

And 'Canada, which formalizes all kinds of union regardless of nationality
From this moment on gays around the world have a safe place to go and marry, with full assurance that their union will be recognized as official is Canada,
where the government of Stephen Harper, leader of the Conservative party in the country, declared invalid any type of homosexual unions, regardless of nationality and of the initial situation of the parties: "All the same-sex marriages are legal in the country concluded," said Justice Minister Harper's cabinet.

OUT OF Fallacy - "The Minister Rob Nicholson said," writes the Globe and Mail, "of wanting to reverse the direction of his ministry, which he considered valid the marriage between same-sex couples in Canada signed only if it was then accepted in the country of origin of the partners. " This uncertainty had created a "legal vacuum" in the opinion of the ministry as unacceptable that the Minister is at pains to say that "in his opinion," these unions are "perfectly legitimate".

The position of "restrictive" of the Canadian government had disappointed many same-sex couples who look to Canada as a beacon of equality and inspiration. "God, this is a beautiful thing, a great upheaval for everyone," said Brendan Fray, a New York man arrived in Canada to get married many years ago. "It restores trust and esteem in the Canadian government," says the man. " The government puts an end to a matter of record that would soon become disruptive: "It all started when last Thursday, the G & M had written that lawyers Federal had engaged in a dispute with the position that the marriages of non-citizens were illegal unless the country does not recognize as legitimate ", which had spread panic. But the minister said "that would have amended the law to allow non-resident couples to divorce, and stated that all marriages performed in Canada are perfectly legal." Where are you from, in other words, Canada does not count.