Gossip is good for your health and reduces stress! but do not overdo it

Gossip is good. Gossiping with friends and colleagues is good for health and relaxes the nerves.
A little 'healthy gossip reduces the levels of stress and reduce tension during the day reveals a search of the University of California at Berkeley (United States), published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. The important thing is to be selfless and do not overdo it.

No benefits for gossip sake. The team of experts analyzed the behavior of a group of 52 volunteers in various situations, including that of gossip about the negative attitudes of others, and then tested all of projecting a movie in which he reported a betrayal, keeping their frequency monitored heart. By measuring the heartbeat of the study participants, it was noted that it decreased (signal decrease stress) when they had the chance to go to their neighbor with a note warning of a phrase or comment on the negativity of this behavior. Just warn the party about the impropriety or danger of certain everyday practices of others, would have positive effects on our health, reducing our heart rate.
But no advantage for the town gossip and an end in itself, it would be a discussion only to pass the time. "Send this note of gossip has improved their negative feelings and hardened their frustration"