What is cellulite, how to care, Treating cellulite with Natural Remedies

Treating cellulite with Natural Remedies

From the scientific point of view the word cellulite is to indicate an inflammation of the tissues, but in common language the word cellulite is used to indicate the excess fatty substance that is deposited in some parts of the body until it reaches the consistency of a bearing under the skin and give the skin a wrinkled,
hence the name "peel 'orange'. In fact the exact name by which this disorder should be called is pannicolopatia edematous-fibrous sclerotic, but is a bit 'too complicated to pronounce.
And 'well-known fact that women are the most interested in this type of disorder, the reason is due to the action of female sex hormones which promote greater water retention as well as a natural deposit of fat in certain areas of the body such as thighs , buttocks, arms, hips, which are the typical areas where women often see the first appearance of cellulite symptoms.

The main causes of cellulite

In addition to the action of female sex hormones, there are other causes which act in concert with these: bad habits, such as can be abuse of cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, a very sedentary life and deprived of any sport, the ' abundance of food and thus the overweight are definitely an active role in the formation of cellulite.
According to recent studies that seem to wear clothes that are too tight, heels too high and / or toes are too tight to have a negative influence on cellulite and this is hindered because the normal blood circulation in the legs. In fact, when the blood flows and flows with difficulty it causes a pain in the tissues, both venous and capillary, resulting in the degeneration of connective tissue.

Treating cellulite

Natural remedies for cellulite

And 'good first noted that there is, at least until now, a final remedy that can miraculously make cellulite disappear, however, there are many measures and actions natural "DIY" effective to reduce or prevent the formation of cellulite. The first cellulite remedies that we can adopt those estimates are therefore:

- No to tight clothes, clothes that bind preclude normal blood circulation, as compress the venous system and widespread, and this favors the formation of cellulite.
- No to high heels, no more than 5 cm. high, and not too tight at the tips, both of which obstructs blood circulation, avoiding them is a good attitude cellulite.
- No smoking that causes narrowing of the capillaries resulting in poor oxygenation of cells, tissues suffer and become easy prey to the "orange peel".
- No salt, as it promotes water retention and there are many foods that contain plenty of meat, sausages, cheese, nuts are rich, if you can not do without at least use them sparingly.
- To prevent vasodilation does not use too much alcohol in too warm baths, with temperatures exceeding 28 °.

- The physical activity, in any form, promotes circulation, tones the muscles and tissues and helps burn fat. Also drink plenty of water is a preventive measure cellulite, the ideal would be 1.5 liters per day, the water carries with it the salt and helps to eliminate.

Natural Remedies - Coffee Anti-Cellulite

When you make a coffee, take the habit of keeping money in a jar, and when you have enough Make it a smooth paste adding a little 'of olive oil and apply it on your thighs by wrapping it with plastic wrap and let rest for about half an hour. In this way the skin will absorb the caffeine in a few days will begin to show its effects on cellulite. To implement this procedure is very easy to mess on the floor, take the necessary precautions.
Natural Remedies and Treatment of cellulite
Oil for massage
Even the massage of "affected" by cellulite from its positive results, to that end here's a simple recipe for the preparation of an oil specifically for this type of massage:

- Provide for a glass rather wide and introduce 8 tablespoons olive oil, add half lemon juice and a couple of tablespoons of grapefruit juice. Mix the ingredients well until they blend. Use this oil to massage and rub the parts of the body with cellulite.
Bath Salt
To delete a bit 'of toxins and cellulite are advised to do a salt dip a couple of times a week, that the process for its preparation:
add to the bath water 200 grams of kitchen salt, 10 drops of cypress essential oil, 10 drops of essence of juniper, 1 lemon juice, and soak for at least 2 minutes.
How you can use the foam algae in a bag of fabric inserted seaweed Macrocystis and dip it in water for 5 minutes, then squeeze the bag to release the salts of which the alga is rich. At this point you can use the bag as a sponge to massage and stimulate blood circulation as well.
Plants anti-cellulite
To help us lose weight and so curb the phenomenon of the skin to "orange peel", nature has provided some plants whose therapeutic properties have been proven by modern science: the tea, pineapple and seaweed. Among the plants most effective against cellulite we include grass and dandelion, which thanks to their powerful cleansing action and remove the waste from the body birch sap that fights water retention, causes of cellulite.

The anti-cellulite treatments

The use of cosmetic creams, cellulite can definitely have its positive effects, but, as written before, there is no product that can do wonders in this field, using these products consistently and massaging regularly, you still get good results as about the aesthetic effect.