3 tips to help through the red light-skin

Not only is 8 glasses of water a day, you should also add vitamin-rich juices of bright red skin.

The fruit and vegetable juices are proven to help cells restore health, increase your energy for the body, helps the skin glow from within. Besides, if a reasonable selection of fruit, you will help increase antioxidants in the body, reducing the symptoms of dermatitis and disease prevention.

With the sisters want to have pink skin, experts say you should use the juices containing vitamin C, combined with vitamins A, B to increase blood circulation, thereby increasing oxygen for skin tissue, skin youthful and bright.

Here are some juices that you should not be ignored:


Undeniably sweet taste of carrot juice, vegetable also helps the body load much vitamin A. Just one 250ml glass of carrot juice will provide 20 thousand mg of vitamin A to help improve vision and prevent the drying process. Carrot juice is also a great suggestion for those who have acne because of the simplicity of strong hepatotoxicity. In addition, the abundant amount of vitamin C also helps nourish the skin and prevents skin darkening.

The dark green vegetables

The juice of green vegetables are a source of chlorophyll great for the body with vitamin C, B, folic acid, iron, potassium helps promote cell growth in the body. The vegetable juices from kale, propeller, fish lettuce, celery, cucumber is the perfect choice to increase brightness for smooth skin. If you find it difficult to drink, you can incorporate add carrots, pineapple for its flavor of juice.


These tubers can help load a lot of vitamin C, potassium, beta crotene help lighten the skin naturally. According to some recent studies, sweet potato number one in nutrition compared to other vegetables. So come back often supplement the diet of sweet potato as well as a daily glass of juice to increase vitamin skin.

With the juices, the sisters should note usage. As most fruits contain high sugar juice, so you should dilute them with water. In addition, the best time to drink juice when the stomach is hungry, it is best in the morning or a half hour before eating.

Also, to get beautiful skin as desired, you also should be combined with exercise and daily diet, especially a reasonable sleep will help you get clear skin smooth.