Allergy season: more nature and less medication

This season is a very difficult time for those suffering from allergies, nature seems to wake up together with sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, asthma, eczema ... Allergy sufferers, especially children, are apparently increasing from decade to decade, an issue that has prompted doctors and scholars to inquire further on the reasons may be the basis of allergies.

The evidence that the increase relates to the industrialized countries has led to the formulation of the so-called "Hygiene Hypothesis": our children will no doubt live in an environment and under more hygienic than a few decades ago, but this "excess hygiene" might be the basis of the increase in allergies.

The immune system of our children, according to this theory (supported by scientific studies, see eg. This study conducted at the unit of immuno allergology and respiratory diseases at the University of Florence), has no way to build day after day, because today's children no longer have many opportunities to come into contact with bacteria and pathogens in general.  the drinks are always strictly pasteurized and the use of vaccines and antiviral drugs prevent, since the baby is newborn, to get almost any infection , so that it will alter the balance between different types of white blood cells (which are part of our immune system).

I'm obviously very important drugs (eg antihistamines, knows well that those who are allergic) to help overcome this period of high seasonal exposure to pollen, but it is also worthwhile to ask about how to retrieve the body with its natural ability to defense: eg through a more informed choice of food, learning to read the labels well, so choose foods more natural and simple as possible (eg organic food). Prefer wholemeal flour (bread and pasta), where possible, rather than cooked food raw (fruits, vegetables and sprouts), as a general rule, avoid processed foods, which contain many preservatives, additives, sweeteners, which are substances that affect and weaken our immune system. Even fried, chocolate and sausages, as well as dairy products (often containing dioxins that come to us through the food web involving cattle) contribute to worsen the situation and should be avoided as much as possible.

Another evaluation of the use of vaccines and drugs to try to discuss with your doctor the real advantages and real needs of each vaccine and drug therapy, particularly antibiotics, restricting their use to situations of actual bacterial infection.