Carlan Bruni Tedeschi

1990s supermodel, Carla Bruni has successfully passed the course often difficult conversion by engaging with an incredible success in the song in 2003. She became in 2008, the wife of a president, Nicolas Sarkozy. The situation is unprecedented in France: artist and first lady of France.

Carlan Bruni Tedeschi was born in Turin, Italy, December 23, 1968. Daughter of a wealthy industrialist in Turin, head of a large Italian oil company, and a concert pianist, the little Carla spent only the first five years of his life in Italy. Faced with a wave of bombings and kidnappings at the time by the Red Brigades, a terrorist organization Italian far-left, his family went into exile in France, in Paris, in 1973.

Between a music-loving grandfather, a virtuoso mother, a father and opera composer in his spare time, Carla was surrounded by music from an early age. After the piano, she discovered the guitar at age nine, favorite instrument that will never leave her. Passionate about literature, she composed her first songs and writing his first lyrics.

In 1987, this is an unexpected career that opens to her: that of a model. Noted for his physical filiform, the beautiful brunette with blue eyes, aged nineteen, abandoned his studies of art and architecture on the podium. Carla and does not go unnoticed in the small world of high fashion where it rises rapidly to the rank of top model, just as the stars of the era: Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford. The modeling does not however represent an end in itself for him, the beautiful continues to scratch his guitar and writing songs for two parades of fashion designers.

In 1997, after ten years of a career at the top, the supermodel of the 1990s finally withdrew to the podium to pursue his true passion, music. Carla takes singing lessons while continuing to write and compose. Two years later, she offered her talents as an author to sign Julien Clerc and six songs from his album "If I were her," released in 2000.

With this experience, while Carla is endeavoring to carry out his first album. Aided by his friend Louis Bertignac, former member of Telephone, she wrote and composed the twelve songs "Someone told me," released in 2002. While some saw it even before its release, the caprice of a mannequin in retirement enjoying his fame to become a singer, this album reveals the general public the hidden talents of a singer at odds with the cold beauty frozen on glossy paper .

His folk ballads, simple but original, worn by her voice soft and slightly broken pack the critics and the public. Surprise revelation in 2003, Carla Bruni gets a year later the Victory of music female artist of the year. Elapsed over 1, 2 million copies in France and 800,000 abroad, his first album automatically imposes new hope among the French chanson.

On 24 October 2003, she appeared on stage with Canadian Daniel Lanois at the Elysee-Montmartre in Paris. It occurs a little later for a short concert on November 6 during the Festival of Inrock, still in Paris. After honing his own show on scenes from the Paris suburbs, she finally produced the Bouffes du Nord in Paris from 17 to 21 February 2004, with especially Louis Bertignac on guitar. It is found in the capital May 11 to 29 at the Trianon.

A late return but win

A little taken aback by such success, the young singer struggling to find inspiration. After a few concerts in the provinces and Paris, she went back to work while increasing collaboration: it is found and on albums by Julien Clerc and Louis Bertignac, to "floor circus", a duet with Jean-Louis Murat and Aldo Romano, or on a disc tribute to Serge Gainsbourg.

It was not until the month of January 2007 and finally see the new album entitled Carla Bruni "No Promises". Accompanied again by Louis Bertignac, Carla decided this time to set to music texts of British and American poets of the nineteenth and twentieth century, like William Butler Yeats, Wystan Hugh Auden, Emily Dickinson, and many others. Instead of choosing ease, she has moved away from the universe that had made the success of his debut album to sing in English. Finally, the disc does not meet the expected success but scores relatively well with 200,000 copies sold.

Carla Bruni returns to the front of the media scene in December 2007. The French press reveals her relationship with the President of the Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy. February 2, 2008, they married in strict privacy at the Elysee Palace.

A month later, the first official trip of the new first lady of France. Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni traveled to England and were received at the court of Queen Elizabeth II.

2008: "As if nothing had happened"

On 11 July the same year, Carla Bruni, continues his work as a singer and a third album titled "As if nothing had happened", as a photographic work of his brother, Virginio Bruni Tedeschi, who died in 2006. The release of this album is marked by great excitement of the media who do not know if they should approach the subject of an artistic point of view or policy.

"As if nothing had happened" was recorded during winter 2007/2008 to Labomatic studio in Paris by the famous French producer Dominique Blanc-Francard. The texts are of Carla Bruni (except "The Possibility of an Island" a poem of Michel Houellebecq, "You Belong To Me" a cover of Bob Dylan and "Il vecchio e il bambino" a song by an Italian anarchist Francesco Guccini "). The majority of these texts mention love of course, but as time passes." Hi sailor "is addressed implicitly to his lost brother.

On the musical side, Carla Bruni album flirts with pop. Less than folk "Someone told me," the debut album of singer, it distills the elegant arrangements as in the first single "The Lovers", concocted by string arrangements by Benjamin Gate. The music of the song "Disturbing the stones" is signed Julian Cope, a longtime friend.