Helen Mirren: 67 years is very sexy

If a list of the top voted best-dressed lady film capital, perhaps indispensable names of Helen Mirren. Born in 1945, has 67 years, but this venerable actresses made many people jealous and salivating by tastes very, very subtle.

Trendy, with age, stylish, fashionable and very very sexy, so, every time she appears on the red carpet, Helen Mirren remain attractive to the public fans. Who at the age of rare sixties retain top level of fashion as Helen Mirren. Faded hair, the skin was imprinted canthus wrinkles because of the time, however, she always kept the look fresh, glowing, full of life stress.

Entrance makeup gently, not too showy, flashy hair grooming is always neat, over sixties age but Helen Mirren is not afraid costumes late, they have, showing shoulders. It is noteworthy that, with her dress, people still see the young, charismatic, playful snob without the word "beautiful woman" of the film capital. At the age threshold sixties, Helen Mirren is always made public four off his hat before admiring and tastes very, very subtle.