Nokia: NFC and wireless recharging for the next Lumia?

The Finnish brand Nokia is working on a new line of smartphones Lumia, rechargeable by induction and can connect to accessories via exchange technology NFC (near field communication).

Marko Ahtisaari, head of design at Nokia, told the Guardian that Windows Phone would be delivered free of micro-USB plug, "one of only two elements of removable Lumia 800".

This revelation suggests, according to British newspaper, that Nokia will deploy a wireless charging technology in its future devices, like the Palm Pre, one of the first smartphones to be proposed.

Note that companies like LG, Energizer, Duracell and offer Powermat charging bases compatible with any phone equipped with the wireless charging technology.

For its latest handsets, Nokia has opted for a minimalist design and touch screen controls. The comment then leave Marko Ahtisaari heard that Nokia will continue this momentum, trying to win even in blueprint:

"Whenever it is possible to remove detachable components [a phone] to make the investment of its components more attractive, we will. This is an area where we can still improve. By pushing the logic to its extreme, could we not simply do without connectors? "Said Marko Ahtisaari Guardian.

According to the Guardian, Nokia will also include NFC accessories Windows Phone - was not the case for Windows Phone 800 and 900 - which will allow connectivity "tap-to-peer" (no password, through casual contact) with headphones or Bluetooth speakers.

Nokia will introduce a new feature called Lumia 910 Nokia at Mobile World Congress (MWC), at the end of February.