Queen Elizabeth celebrates 60 years of reign

Queen Elizabeth II, 85, mark Monday in sobriety away from London and the sixtieth anniversary of his accession, a prelude to a five-month program of celebrations culminating in June with a lavish parade on the Thames.
The queen wanted no special ceremony to commemorate the anniversary of the beginning of his reign, which coincides with the death of her father George VI.

She spends the day in Norfolk (eastern England), not far from his home in Sandringham, with two commitments to the program: visiting the mayor of King's Lynn, a city-âgeuse average, and a nursery school in Dersingham .

The sovereign, whose popularity is at its zenith, was issued on that occasion a warm message to his British subjects and Commonwealth Office, in "renewing its commitment to (their) service."

"I am writing to thank you for the wonderful support and encouragement that you have made to me and to Prince Philip, all these years, and I want to tell you how much we were touched to receive so many nice messages for Diamond Jubilee, "she said.

"I also hope that this anniversary year is an opportunity to give thanks for the significant progress made since 1952 and look to the future with confidence," she said.

In a country with only 20% of Republicans, Prime Minister David Cameron reaffirmed the importance of the monarchy, in a message paying tribute to the Queen.

"We sometimes hear people say that the monarchy is an adornment, a design element in the life of our Nation. To say this is to ignore our Constitution and underestimate our queen, "has held the Prime Minister, praising the" splendid action "of the latter.

The Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II will be marked by a multitude of celebrations in the UK, from February to June The program will crescendo of celebration, marked by ceremonies, exhibitions, processions in his honor.

Elizabeth II will begin in March a series of visits throughout the UK with her husband, Prince Philip. The other members of the royal family - the Princes Charles and William will be loaded face-to represent it in various Commonwealth countries.

The major ceremonies of the Jubilee will take place during a weekend holiday decreed Extension from 2 to 5 June, during which a thousand boats ascend the Thames in the wake of the royal barge.

The monarchy is preparing a new "annus mirabilis" in 2012, after a year marked by the 2011 wedding of Prince William telecasts with Kate Middleton. Only the alert heart suffered by Prince Philip just before Christmas brought a shadow to this prosperous period.