Super Bowl: 30 Years of Madonna at halftime

At 53, Madonna has lived up to his idol status to pop sensation by performing at the halftime of Super Bowl Sunday in Indianapolis before 70,000 preferred and a hundred million viewers U.S..

Comment on the blog of Alain Brunet

Time to assemble the structure of the scene on the lawn of artificial indoor stadium and the diva appeared on a chariot drawn by Roman soldiers.

Stripped of his gold robe, the queen Madonna is descended from his throne and, from a court of dancers, performed Vogue (1990) in a visual impression supposed to evoke ancient Rome.

It is then Music, his hit of 2000, which came out of the speakers. Framed by acrobatic dancers, Madonna, leaving aside his golden diadem bulky, has played a gymnast in heeled boots without showing hampered by a thigh injury incurred during rehearsals.

LMFAO, an electron in vogue, accompanied her on some notes, mixing their hit Sexy and I Know It in his song.

"In 25 years on stage, I had never worked as much and as thoroughly repeated," said Madonna during the week. The Michigan native had even said before the game that it was a "dream girl from the Midwest that occur on stage at halftime of the Super Bowl."

The singer has obviously not omitted Give Me All Your Luvin '. The first single from his new album was released Friday MDNA. For this song, it turned into a cheerleader, seconded by Nicki Minaj raspy American and MIA cheerleaders in luxury in an atmosphere inspired by Glee, series phenomenon in the United States. M.I.A. was permitted to do the finger at the camera and stealth NBC has apologized immediately.

Eight years ago, the brief appearance of an accidental breast of Janet Jackson's show at half time had put the U.S. in turmoil.

A brass band then appeared on stage with singer Cee Lo Green conductor, and Madonna, having slipped in record time in a long gown of black gospel, led the first notes of Like a Prayer (1989).

Accompanied by a chorus of vocalists, the standard of the 1980s ended in an eclectic show beauty and rhythm of twelve minutes prepared by the choreographer Jamie King and the Canadian troupe Cirque du Soleil.

Madonna Louise Ciccone then disappeared under the stage in a large cloud of white smoke and the words "World Peace" lit up the lawn.