Yahoo!-Facebook, war breaks out of patents

It is the war broke out between Yahoo! and Facebook. Yahoo! has threatened the social network to take legal action against him for violating some patents.

According to the Financial Times, Yahoo! believes that it owns the rights to patents essential for the activity of social networks and has the "responsibility to shareholders and employees to protect their intellectual property" as stated by a spokesman for the site in a note .

The patents are between 10 and 20 and also concern the advertising. "We have not had the opportunity to evaluate claims" replica that Facebook currently has 56 patents protecting its technology and has initiated the request for approval for another 410 in the last 18 months.

The news comes the same day the Wall Street Journal writes that according to trade on the secondary market the shares of Facebook are going to steal the title coming to be governed, to February 22, 42 dollars from 34 of January 20. Get the math, this means that the social network by Mark Zuckerberg would have a value of 105 billion dollars. And the IPO is expected in spring.