Lab Grown Diamonds Vs zircon

Zirconia and synthetic diamonds appear similar to the eye naked eye, but they are composed of entirely different elements. Zircon is used as a simulant for diamond jewelry, while synthetic diamonds as a function of both jewelery and industrial applications.

Zirconia is correctly known as zirconium oxide. Simulator known as a diamond, cubic zirconia was first manufactured in the USSR in the 1970s.

A diamond is pure carbon compound formed by geological heat and pressure extremes. This is the hardest substance known. Synthetic diamonds are manufactured by overheating of graphite in a containment chamber and forcing pressurized carbon atoms to form molecules of diamond. Another method is to overheating of the carbon plasma on the diamond crystals minute, which then attract more carbon atoms to a larger diamond.

Zircon and diamond are composed of different elements. CZ is heavier than diamond, and refracts light differently. It is not as hard as diamond. Zircon is used as a gem, while laboratory-grown diamonds can be used for both industrial applications and jewelry, like drill bits for mining and boring.