Who is Gideon Sundback

Gideon Sundback was born in 1880 near Vaggeryd in Småland. His father was a wealthy owners.
His big bet Gideon devices would radically improve an invention already, namely the zipper.

From the time humans began to dress in animal skins and tissues later, it was necessary to open and close clothing. From a different and Velcro fasteners raised the idea of ​​a zipper front. Zippers are a type of locking device for clothes, etc., which can be opened and closed by a slide which is drawn between the two rows of hooks.

Gideon was sent abroad to learn electrical engineering and graduated in Germany 1903rd Two years later he traveled to America and settled there.

There he met a few years later, a fellow of Värmland, Peter Aronsson. He worked for a businessman named Lewis Walker, who produced zip.

Design a slide was presented in 1893 by the American Witcomb Judson, but these were primarily designed for shoes. Even earlier, already in 1851, had a fashion designer American machine, Elias Howe received a patent for a design "cursor blocking."

Peter Aronsson 1903 had integrated plant machinery zipper of Lewis. The zipper was clumsy and did not work well. They often went up to the worst possible time. The sale of them was so slow.

1907 Gideon Sundback hired to improve the structure zipper. 1913, he patented a design of a zipper.

In the first longitudinal slide fasteners attached to the fabric sewn by the hand, one at a time. Idea was sound equipment to drill the brackets and tighten them in two strips of fabric, which could then be sewn by machine.

Of "the Swedish inventor" of the K / Erséus:

"Sundbäck took up the idea of ​​Judson and cross-fertilization with a Swiss, recently patented, which never reached the market The final solution is a lock with a much denser fins and locking points more than the old flash that looked like a giant lösgarnityr - .. Now each 'Sting only one fifth, perhaps one tenth largest. zip is much smoother, more supple. It does not crack as easily. "

Despite this, however, sales will be inertia:

"It turns out that customers finally got tired after all these years of bad zippers. Patience has been great American Technology happy, but now, confidence is consumed. You trust anyone no more. Even on Swedish claims to have invented the perfect lock and run it with the words:

Opening like a smile

the closure by a line drawn on the water

"Open as a smile, finds that a line drawn in water." "

Hello it was an order of the armed forces of the United States. Zippers fell on both marine and jackets portmonäer Flygare. After this order was the orders and popular new zipper pouring in.

"Swedish inventor":

"In Europe, people admiring eyes wide ties clever American soldiers. When the war is over decreases, although the Navy orders, but other clients already there and waiting. We skofirman BF Goodrich Company , who signed a giant order of zip sneakers. Others will need zips tobacco pouches, gloves, and - 1930 -. that gylfar in trousers "

Sundbäck have dubbed his invention the "Fastner separable", has now launched the "lightning Fastner", which is just "flash-lock".

In Sweden, began zipper made in 1931 by the use Gusums. The material used to be metal, but today it is often used in plastic zipper.

The company has grown and Gideon Sundback became rich. When he died in 1954 after leaving a fortune of $ 13 million.