10 tips for mental health care

 Mental health care is an indispensable part of modern life but not everyone knows how. On the occasion of World Mental Health (10/10), we send to you the 10 principles to always think positively:

A. Learning self-assess yourself healthy

Self-assessment itself does not stop at just that good or bad points, but also accept them and try to do the best with what you have.

Building confidence: You make a list of his good points. You do what's best? The skills and field What is your favorite? How do your friends say about you? Next, find out your weaknesses. You work hard for? What makes your failures and weaknesses?

2. Give and take

We often shrug reject a compliment by saying, "Yeah, but .."

Accept compliments: The next time someone compliments you, say, "Thank you! I'm glad you think so. "And think about the compliments that you have and see if it makes you feel good like.

3. Building relationships positive family

Get serious relationships build good family. Learn how to assess the skills and abilities of each member. Learn how to give and receive support.

Spend some time: Take time to stay with his family. Planning for both the serious and active leisure fun. Listen respectfully without interrupting when others speak. And need regular practice these things.

4. Make friends with those who mean

Friends help you understand that you are not alone. They help you share your joys, unhappy, and in turn you will help them. .

Construction friends: Keep in touch or ask you out to eat occasionally. You should have new friends - the proposal to introduce you to new friends is one way.

5. Figure out your priorities

Our challenge is to know the things we really "need" and what we "want". You difficulties in finding the appropriate balance between spending time and resources for what you want and what you need.

Create a meaningful budget: Let's write a spending plan for yourself. Your wish is not? What do you plan to have money to buy what you want?

6. Participate in social activities

Participation in meaningful activities will bring us a sense of purpose and satisfaction.

Volunteer: Get involved in volunteering. Read to children at the center; visit the elderly in the nursing home, and participate in community groups or charities that you can enjoy and participate in street cleaning, park or beach; help a neighbors house cleaning.

7. Learn effective stress management

Stress is a part of life. The way you cope with stress depends on your attitude.

Give yourself a 5 minute vacation: Daily, 5 minutes of rest dedicated to mental health. Close your office or to another room and dream about a place, a person or a certain idea, or not break anything! You'll feel like I just had a short stay so.

8. Responding to these changes may affect you

It would be great if "happily ever after" but life does not stop "throwing the difficulties" on us.

Find strength from the crowd: Find a support group with the same problems you are experiencing. By form groups with people who can share your problem, you will find some interesting options.

9. Coping with your feelings

How to have a safe manner and be constructive to express and share feelings of anger, grief, joy and fear ...?

Activity - Identify and respond to your mood: Find out what makes you happy, sad, happy or angry. What helps you calm down? Learning to cope with your mood. Share news with friends and "a shoulder to cry on" when you feel sad.

Exercise can help you deal with your anger. Please collect comic books, cartoons or record your favorite for those times you feel the need to laugh.

10. Bent on self

Learn how at peace with yourself. Get to know who you are? What makes you really happy, what you really passionate about? ... Learn to balance what you can change in yourself to what you can not change.

Building the "I" of you: for his own time, quiet that you can own in a completely alone.

Breathing exercises - try counting your breaths from 1 to 4, and start again from 1. Or do something that you love.