4 bizarre theories about the moon

A famous poet in England make believe blue cheese moon, while many others think super moon can cause earthquakes and tsunamis.

The life of intense lunar
The Titanic crashed "by super moon"
Many claim the police committed acts crazy or illegal (such as looting, beating people) increased during the period before and after the full moon. To understand this phenomenon, James Rotton, a scientist at the University of Florida in the U.S., the researchers Ivan Kelly of the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, analyzed 37 studies on lunar cycles and other neurologic syndromes . Results showed that the moon does not affect the behavior and nerve of man.

Super Moon can cause catastrophic

Super Moon occurs because the moon's orbit is not perfectly round shape. When the moon to perigee (near earth position in orbit), we feel it to more normal levels. Of course, the moon is as close to Earth for its gravitational pull of our planet grows. So many people worry more powerful gravitational pull of the super moon can cause disaster - like earthquakes or tsunamis.

"The scientists of the Office U.S. Geological Survey and several other researchers looked super gravity to the earth and moon. They found that, in any case, the moon's gravity is not strong enough to cause any disaster, "said John Bellini, a geophysicist with the Geological Survey Agency, affirmed.

Many people think that super-lunar gravity can cause disaster on Earth.
The U.S. spacecraft ever landed on the moon

A part of the American people that the fleet landing of Apollo on the moon in the 60s and 70s did not happen. They guess it landed staged scenes in a secret place on earth that I found on television to deceive audiences.

The hypothesis of skeptics could make the astronauts had to bet their lives in the moon expedition angry. In 2002, a believer in this theory has blocked Buzz Aldrin, one of the astronauts used on the moon in 1969, at an event. Former astronaut Aldrin, when it was 72 years old, who blocked the punch in the face after he called him "a coward and deceitful".

Moon is made up of blue cheese

John Heywood, a famous poet of the British in the 16th century, thought that the moon is made up of green cheese. Several centuries later, although the human understanding of astronomy has increased significantly, many people still think like Heywood. In 1902, psychologists have to poll the children about their thoughts on the moon. The results show that most children take part in the survey that blue cheese is the main substance of the moon.