Cure skin burns

Seeing the sun light, wind, so many women are not subjective shielding lotions at all. Until last night new home panicked when the people were burnt black (or red) and painful, especially when clothes or towels on the palm. How do handle this?

 Sunburnt skin, how to "rescue"?

Distinguishing burns and sunburn

Sunburns are not dangerous, it only stains the skin and will disappear after some time (depending on the location of each person). But sunburn is different, it often causes widespread skin lesions, and may include headache, fever and fatigue.

The signs of sunburn usually appear within 2 - 6 hours exposure. Or cause sunburn time is around noon from 11 to 14 hours when UV levels high concentration.

After passing the sun, swimming or working in the sun environment, the skin was exposed as the face, triangular collar, neck, hand, forearm, leg, back ... a sensation of burning, hot or magnets injection, can sometimes be a bit itchy.

Then the skin of this area get red, reddish at first say a progressive increase in the level of red. May feel swollen and hard to stretch the skin, sometimes with water simulation.

How the treatment of sunburn?

When the skin starts with the phenomenon of red, feels hot and painful to the touch it means you have sun burns.

The first thing you should do is avoid outdoor activities when the sun because they can also cause sunburn at two levels. Will then burn more pain and therefore the recovery is certainly difficult and requires more time.

Next, take a cold shower in the shower (take care not to add any substance into the water). Do not scrape or burn the skin removed. Use a soft damp cloth or towel dry absorbent skin after bathing.

Apply aloe cosmetics several times a day. Or maybe replace it with aloe leaf sheath (sold in supermarkets are available).

Take each leaf sheath, split shell, then remove the viscous cut into thin slices to put on the skin. You can mask aloe for skin several times / day to reduce pain and burning hot skin.

Please leave the water to prevent infection of burns. If the simulation of water breaks, it can illuminate fat antibiotics and left open. If necessary, you can use more painkillers such as ibuprofen, naproxen, or paracetamol.

Do not use grease, creams or medicines applied to the nation burns. They can burn the long-linked or not consecutive.

If the burns started to appear, or if you have water burns expression itching, burning, redness, or fever, you need to visit a dermatologist immediately.

Prevention of sunburn

In those days the high temperature, it is best to apply sunscreen before going outdoors. Please choose the sunscreen with SPF of 30 or more. And apply 15 minutes before sun exposure.

With whites, should apply repeated every 3 hours / 1 if continued exposure to sunlight. Time is required to apply from 9-14 hours. If you go to the beach, avoid the sun during the period from 10-15 hours.

Also, a hat, sunglasses also work effectively and protect the health of your eyes.

You also can handle sun burns slightly faster with some natural ingredients such as aloe vera, milk, honey ... Even if the skin from sunburn, sunburn and only time, these remedies will still very good for skin:

A. Aloe and milk

I scraped a cup aloe vera gel, mixed with 2 tablespoons milk. Wash your face and gently massage the cleanser with this as soon as the sun will cleanse the impurities of the skin, while soothing and nourishing, restoring skin cells.

Two. Cucumber Mask

Cucumbers not only is good for healing skin acne or skin, it is the perfect choice to restore your skin from sunburn.

Method is simple: Cut fresh cucumber slices up directly to the skin has been exposed to the sun for about 10 minutes.

Your skin will be cooled immediately, and also provided the appropriate amount of vitamins to recover in a short time. Cucumbers also contain a natural astringent, helps minimize pores and reducing inflammation.

3. Chrysanthemum tea

For 5-7 chamomile tea bags in the bathtub and soak for 20 minutes. Chrysanthemum has long known effect heal the infection. Antioxidants in tea will also reduce the skin aging process.

4. Vitamin E oil

Apply a bit of pure vitamin E oil to the skin irritation caused by sunlight. Vitamin E is a panacea to cure all skin problems. It not only soothe and heal the damage but also promote new cell regeneration.

Five. Lavender

If the oil resources, you mixed with a small amount of water (preferably distilled water) and then use cotton rub all over the skin are damaged.

Because attractive fragrance and not cause sticky oily, you can leave this mixture on your skin for 20-30 minutes. Then you just rinse with cool water. Your skin will be irritated and quickly attack back to health.

6. Honey Lemon

Of lemon water 2 medium mixing 5 teaspoons honey. This mixture is absorbed into the damaged area is on your skin and leave for about 20 minutes.

Then wash with warm water. You'll feel the smooth and refreshing on the skin surface instantly.