Egypt elections 2012

After more than a year and 3 months on January 25 revolution that paved the blessed and the right for a new era and the other way did not referring Egypt before in modern times here.

Presidential election today as the third test must be witnessed by a democratic nation, the Egyptian, after the vote on constitutional amendments in March 2011 parliamentary elections and then the Egyptian People's Assembly and Shura Council at the end of the same year and the beginning of 2012.

Despite all of the above events of a political storm experienced in Egypt under the rule of the junta, and under questioning that was happening every time prior to the election process, questioning the intentions of the military for the transfer of full authority, but it could be argued that the presidential elections, the Egyptian 2012 is a status quo is no doubt It's happening now on May 23, 2012 and take part in this great event of the Egyptian people with all his strength and the political and intellectual elites, religious and cultural rights.

Regardless of who will succeed from the candidates of the presidential elections of 13 and who is going to prevail in the battle of the presidency, and who will be the next president of Egypt .. Maém now is that the Egyptians succeed in this test to provide a model and example in the freedom of choice for ourselves first and then to our surroundings Arab, who is suffering now from the crisis preceding the storm before the storm or crisis.

Egypt's 2012 presidential election to those who prevail??
It goes without saying that the Egyptian presidential elections in 2012 will be the first ever experience of the Arab peoples history of modern and old, to choose a president by universal suffrage of a free and direct .. Consequently, our success to go to this Altgria will be transferred to the history of the entire region did not know, did not taste Nzq before.
Will it be 2012 presidential election, the taste of freedom???
Did the Egyptians will succeed to provide a democratic model for the Arab nation??