Gemini - Lucky Days and Favorable Numbers

Gemini is the day domicile of Mercury, and this is your dominating planet. Like your planet's representative metal, you are inclined to be temperamental, very quickly up and down. This planet has a special influence on commerce, medicine, speech, writings, etc.
It represents practical things and is concerned with personal property, consequently with money. It symbolises youth, gaiety, motion and general liveliness, and is good for things connected with knowledge, therefore is favorable to intellectual pursuits.

You have a decided appreciation of humor, make friends very easily, and possess that personal magnetism which enables you to retain the friendships you make. Lack of perseverance and a proneness to worry needlessly are your failing. You have good mentality, clears sightedness and quick grasp. But be more persevering and worry less.

Your stellar or lucky number is 5. This is your cyclic or ruling: digit. And whenever the years of your age will divide by this number, it is of good omen.

Your favorable days are 5th, 14th and 23rd of every month. Your best month is May, and your favorable periods are mid-January to mid-February. mid-May to mid-june and mid-September to mid-October. People born in these periods are your natural affinities, because they have kindred likes and dislikes and similar sympathies.

The topaz is your lucky stone. Grey is your fortunate color and quick silver your ruling metal.

Mercury's day is Wednesday, and whenever your favorable days fall on a Wednesday, it is of good augury if you dabble in chance or hazard.

How is 2012?

Here comes a rollicking, boisterous, blustering year. October- born folk are ready to try all drinks once and now comes their opportunity. One striking feature of the year will be an unholy row, perhaps with a parent, perhaps with employer, perhaps with a colleague. But it will clear the air rather than do permanent damage. And there will be an unexpected change. For those in employ this means transfer to other work or another department. For the employer, it means that methods and plant will have to be brought up to date. But in both cases the ultimate result will be profitable.

Love affairs will be fast and furious in every sense of the words. But they may not be permanent. The course of true love is a little risky this year! Lastly, one really big surprise for you. Can't say in what direction. This probably refers to family ties.

If you curb your natural restlessness and follow your lucky date when you have things of importance to do, much should go well with you.

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