The meaning and benefits of life insurance

A. Protects against loss of income

Higher earnings more vulnerable to loss.
The lower the income increasingly unacceptable loss.
To put it simply, people buy insurance because they may worry that "died too early."

No one know for sure when yet intelligent would die. Life insurance as a means to ensure that died early or not at the right time at the same time will not wipe your income may have a family.

This is extremely important to the father, husband with wife and young children, all hope to be able to provide full family will vanish into smoke cloud Unfortunately if he died.
Where a graduate student, too. This person has a great potential for future income, with this condition have the river. Life insurance can allow parents one step further is the first insurance income for the financial future of her child, known case where uncertainty occurs.

2. ONE form of savings

Instead of hiding money in boxes of biscuits to the bed of iron like the old days, today many depositors in the bank. However, I have a choice how to provide safe and attractive horizontal like that: it is to buy life insurance.

Just to place a similar amount every year to buy life insurance, you save wisely secured will surely achieve your savings goals. How would it mean? Such as a list each year to be a million, so take him many years to have 100 million? 100 years? It's hard to realize. But in the form of savings through purchasing life insurance, of which the unfortunate death of that person is immediately there were just 100 million then.

Many people view life insurance as a form of high levels of savings for the following reasons:
- Save regularly: normal savings when you hung up a new test done will not ensure the accumulation.
- Save disciplined: You committed to set aside a similar amount, at a certain time every year.
- Travel is your money nh u ng ph no Arab i want to withdraw the offer at any time be: this will remove temptation to withdraw haphazard to use and can thwart the purpose of saving your original.

3. Immediately of created assets .

Someday, we'll have a lot of money. Someday my business will flourish, right, someday.
But life insurance is the only financial tool that allows you to create the desired property immediately, period. If you buy an insurance policy for mixed nominal value 100 million, matures in 20 years, you have secured just that goal. If nothing happens in 20 years, you will receive exactly that amount plus some of that money plus some other cream cash payments under the insurance contract. But neglect Unfortunately something happened to pre-test 20-year target is 100 million has obviously became reality, life insurance has created a valuable asset 100 million immediately corrected.
Bank works on the principles: "Save and then the new", while life insurance activities on the principles again: "There is then a new Saving."

Thus, the biggest uncertainty has been eliminated life instead must place a question mark (?) For life, we will use an exclamation mark (!).
Life insurance is a savings plan is complete. But other forms of saving only reward you when you have enough time to save. Paid life insurance for yourself as you specify the amount of savings.

4. Provide for the education of their children

If our children are qualified to sit on a bench test study our parents save wisely to provide for her child's full yet?
Obviously children inherit our genes, will be too late if we wait until the general concern on college preparation. Ten years before age children to college education is the best time to begin our plans to establish a cumulative savings provisions.
However, after assuming you have a savings account specifically for the children study, but they are not famous university on the rules? Sadly, but at that you can liquidate contracts, professional solution for a first traveling long. Parents deserve if their children do not deserve.

5. RIGHTS AND INCOME hospitalization

No one said health was before. Even those who are health conscious are also realizing that, each year our health just a downhill. Cai is most ironic in that we can die from a disease that no one says unknown.
The insurance company offers a group of retired effective products to satisfy different needs and budgets of different customers. Commercial product groups it is accompanied by additional financial products, additional products defuse the financial bleeding caused by the illness.
Insurance income while in hospital to provide income for people in hospital every day. Many insurance companies also offer insurance for some serious diseases. If the insured Unfortunately have one of a number of serious diseases are insurance company approved, they will be paid right amount of insurance products and supplements.

6. WHEN income protection disability.

Some misconceptions about life insurance to die new benefit. This is not true. Many of the dead goat back fine, but what happens when we die but not injured.
Costs in life are increasing? Co!. Monthly income children? No,. What a combination unfortunately, still alive, but actually is not-income, plus life on price increases.
Of course, your family can take care of you. But it would be easier for them if you give them money to take care of themselves.
An insurance consultant at B & B before doing the building has it that back when he sold insurance for old colleagues in the construction industry, he has received intense support. Why? Because they are completely aware that accident, the risk may occur, may occur especially during times of low to ignore the most.

7. One way of measuring self-worth.

You really are in how many?
For consumers to buy U.S. $ 1 million insurance coverage, he must prove to the parts of his expertise is worth at least double that number. One of the life insurance contract largest ever been is 25 million dollars for a life. Most insurance companies prefer the twenty-five players, each to purchase U.S. $ 1 million face value rather than someone buying 25 million USD (risk-sharing principles).
Life insurance allows people to self-assess for yourself. Many suspect that the three main characters support their value of a comment on the economic value, they have no "market price". Before becoming a full-time housewife, they also have a time as secretary, office workers do, and they also have your certain value. Now, with the housework, but the year date, changing diapers, washing, going to sleep for children, housewives sometimes wonder at their value as it used or not?
Life insurance can help their relative value pricing accuracy of a housewife. Currently housewife can be covered with thousands of U.S. $ 300 face value are common.

8. Worth an investment

How do I define a good investment? Usually, the standard interest rate of return. Recently, interest was approximately 10% is regarded as favorable interest rates of bank saving is around 3%.
But perhaps the best definition of this investment must be "paid out the most when needed".
The investment of you can offer a 20% return rates but when you need urgent money, sure about what you were provided cash it in half with ease, and if converted into cash with ease and, if converted into cash quickly, whether to ensure the correct value of the investment market at the time of measurement?
When talking about investment, people are talking about big numbers. However, the average non-insurance contract is just for a few million, not enough to you about a "investment account" routine. Most of it takes no role million investment premium to other accounts. Therefore, life insurance provides a guaranteed investment .... at the time we need money the most.


This is what life insurance represents the most. A gift on Valentine's Day bouquet for his wife a very nice gesture and true, but buy a contract of insurance is to show love to my family sometimes the true meaning.
Feel a father should buy more things in the family to show love and care for their children. So he bought a dictionary installment Encyclopedia for kids. He bought a car payment again contribute to make youngsters comfortable means of travel. And then
His decision installment purchase a piano for the daughter. It would be nice of course father still lived to pay off their debt monthly payments. However, if something unfortunate happens to him, everything he bought on installment will be confiscated again, confounding hopes and dream of the whole family.
The lesson is: "provide a full set for today and then come back to the needy, it was a misplaced love."
Children were taught that is to work hard not just for today but to learn well in the future. By buying life insurance, the parents had evidence given to their children that "care for the future even today, the future will take care of itself."

10. SETTING pension funds.

Just witness the tool must be insistent in retirement with his daily existence that we see the full planning for a future full Retired important matter is to what extent.
A most bitter retirement speech: "If not for the first time I retired life se tilting test".
A normal person may feel that thanks to a savings and family, retirement is not a serious problem. He can go to the speech: "I was worried enough for retirement and then". But the question is not answered here it is: "When his retirement will last for how long?".
This is the hard question to answer because nobody knows your super time how long lasting. Both teams to work wise and start life insurance to help you answer the following questions with a certainty: "Why not now arrange for retirement have deer back to do it to be continued ma cai eat? "

11. COAL soul

"Each day a death happens to someone and one day death will happen to everyone,"
Death is the only sure thing in this world. When a person responsible knew that he was fully prepared for an unforeseen event in the future, he will feel very smooth and relaxed.
Still, those who prefer still worried, or even worse, likes to take risks. River without the insured risk is a gamble that we should envy. And perhaps would be a gamble because if you lose most profound break, not a test you but those who loved most of you will lose most.
Why should we worry when we can be insured? In fact, why bother with worry while only a small we will discuss insurance companies are worried that they we?

12. Respect and status in society.

Some people view life insurance is like a cave effect. Not everyone enough money to buy life insurance. In 1993, only 10% Malaysian population uninsured, in Singapore is 50%
While motor insurance may be purchased hybrid deflect final test results are correct again.
Someone buy insurance because companies have found the title is "A" on the stock market, several others found in social insurance of the other well-known companies on the international market.
An insurance consultant kha success with potential customers when selling insurance to them as a form of Membership. He said; "He / she will become a member of a social club. If something happens to him / implement all three other members of society should share the risk and ensure the family he / she will receive the desired amount. Room is also said always, all members of society both members topping you like to join this society? "Section.


Many people buy insurance contract face value two or three dozen thousand dollars just to care for their funerals. When they realized that the available intelligence, died in cash to the funeral dignity, provide formal test items and for those rivers.

14. Protected free

Many people do not know that we can free insured. How reasonable it true?
Such as people who pay 1000 USD for a year every year. If nothing happens after 20 years he will withdraw the money on. In fact this person has received a free insurance worth $ 100,000 in 20 years.
Of course someone will argue that $ 20,000 after 20 years have a different value, these people have to remember that he always carry elm and not used to it because he does not rain profusely. He should have injured or worse elm is considered commercial yourself for being so careful not to? Of course not. No one should apologize only too carefully. After the driver installation always carry a spare, tires text where someone wants to use it.

15. BUT Hazardous Occupations

Due to the nature of work, some people face more risks but anybody else.
Pilots, firefighters, divers, construction workers, oil rig workers, police officers are those who face more risk than ordinary people. They are aware this is not? Absolutely. While trying to avoid risk at the highest level that they can, they will also install the wise thing is to buy insurance with higher fees than a little to get pleasure in spirit.


When a business opportunity, you have enough money to take advantage of that opportunity or not right? Some visionary people found that they can not balance the current capital for future business, but when necessary they will be soon.
In this case, they could invest in the insurance contract construction speed fast cash. Example: The products mixture. They can also borrow some of the insurance on the financial value of his contract with preferential interest rates. Not only that, measured at the same time, they remained fully insured on its own entirely original face value. If there is something unfortunate happens, insurance companies still paid full commitment to the full face value (after deducting unpaid) to customers. So be both ways.

17. GOP for payment.

When a purchase is a house, he will feel happy lightheadedness. But that happiness will crumble if he or she Unfortunately passed away and his family can not continue to pay the remaining bulbs contributing house, your bank will take ownership of the house and play tomorrow.
Employment wisdom of paying a little extra money for life insurance. The unfortunate death occurs, the insurance contract will lighten part of the cost of mortgage for the remaining members of the family. And so the widow or orphan not fall on man sun screen projection of land.
Life insurance is not a problem no more buyers was added to the best method to suit the available binding.


Society increasingly rich and more advanced. Who will be the purchase of insurance for the purpose of charity.
The first group who specializes in philanthropy throughout their entire life. To avoid the charity was "dismissed" the right to receive the money from the death hefty but rich powerful military trade, trade the insured (the rich) will automatically purchase insurance for themselves and name charities as beneficiaries.
The second group are those who feel a $ 100,000 gift to charity in deep s pretty early exit. By purchasing insurance, $ 100,000 face value named beneficiary is a charity, this person has done for the amount contributed to his charity to become behemoths.

19. To control the heirs.

There is a true story of a man of wealth distribution assets for their children. Not long after, the children of his multi-tone into the home he shares charity for the elderly. A man other wealthy hear about this. he think is possible to avoid this tragic story. thanks to his multiple life insurance.
He invested a lot of money on a number of life insurance contracts and clink their children according to their own will, he wanted to make sure our children would inherit if they also produce business for parents to the last day.

20. An egg put in a hour.

Somebody under the concept of risk sharing will think so too. He expected much more sense to purchase environmental insurance company a contract, if something happens to a construction company he rely on the remaining companies.
Some others said that, each different insurance company will have different strengths. So they choose to purchase environmental insurance companies a kind. As a result, learning can take advantage of the strength of companies and will have a range of products offers the best solutions.

21. A tool to save face.

Appearance can fool many people. Many people look rich surface, but inside she were going to send coin bank offers what neither property considerably.
Some people have life insurance solution on sheep farming.
The man attempted to impress your wealth.
Rather than for everyone to see your bank account, how capital is no longer, he decided to buy an insurance policy face value "behemoth" to save face. He always do the invisible mentioned the hefty contracts of insurance and free everyone thought he must be very rich, ten to buy an insurance policy such large nominal value.

22. Insurance for those important people.

In some limited liability companies, business people have a few requirements, and any business activities as well as the company's future depends on love this person.
Unfortunately if this person died, the company will be huge losses. But smart companies will buy life insurance for the love of this to this person in case of death, the company will receive a huge premium in order to continue operating the business or a replacement.
Do purchase insurance protection for human love is to protect the survival of the company, not because of personal love that.
Surprisingly, commercial insurance companies owning everything except human factors. The company is ready to make a car insurance, real estate, machinery and equipment, but when we talk about the most valuable factor as a person many companies falter again.


In addition to purchasing insurance for the loved person, I have a number of other key staff as director of marketing, project manager, plant manager .... or even a good sales staff most companies in social insurance for these people to attract talent stick with the company. Trade this stock to replace people, and the purchase of the life insurance for employees is a key benefit for both parties, companies and employees.
By using carrots and sticks, through life insurance, the company convinced and talented people do not "stand today looks mountains mountains no", but stayed devoted and contribute to the company.


Thanks to private enterprises, individual business, although business was financial director of human love, but a contract for the purchase of life insurance to always maintain the family business for more meaningful . If he bought the insurance, when lost, wife and child and family can continue to maintain regular business using financial assistance from the insurance.

25. While eligible for insurance.

Good health of your child right? Recently not have to see a doctor right? If so, or to invest in health.
Do not see your good health is obvious. Or thank God that it and buy insurance immediately before its too late. No one wants to hospital all, asking residents enrolled unit admission test known.
Some people lament: "When I do not need to buy insurance agents how to implement a new purchase, when I need to buy insurance, there's no drug that can help me buy any more." He implied irony that is not eligible to purchase health insurance once again a whole the best advice is good faith offer he can not help.
Tragedy of him: "When we were eligible to purchase insurance, no money, but when no money then maybe we can not test children eligible to buy insurance again."


Someone who wants to buy insurance but was an insurance company refused because he had a history of epilepsy and hepatitis. But unfortunately for him, an insurance company rate of compensation other than a little profile had approved its request that his insurance on condition he pay a fee in the extra health conditions under standard conditions. This man truly happy because he can buy as much insurance to which he can buy.
Required people to apply for insurance must confess work has ever been refused insurance (if any) from other insurance companies. This long run will help them avoid the controversy about the validity of that contract terms binding honesty.

27. With Death millionaire.

A man born time poor, and he knew that he was never rich. This person ben think of a way, that's when they die a millionaire.
fewer people are born wealthy, nor spread a lot of people are wealthy spouse, but fortunately we can choose how to die rich.
If a person title to 2% within 25 years of income to buy insurance, he may die as a millionaire.

28. SAO to die for FREE.

When you die, have to force anyone to pay for intelligent text. Of course no life insurance, single people our pay. But that is not what we expected.
So let the insurance company paid for funeral expenses for you. Do not have spared insurance companies easily as text. This is especially attractive child than if you are hated insurance companies. For example, you become an insurance consultant of ABC insurance company would pay for your measurements? Let insurance companies measure for you!
There is a basic principle: "No total premiums yet again greater than the total amount of insurance billing insurance companies."
This means that they would mainly maintaining contract obligations regularly are a fee amount that insurance companies will always pay more than the total premiums. This means that when you pay $ 1 for the company $ 100 you receive the insurance back then.
In other words if people agree to $ 10 per month sent to you by mail after you 60tuoi, before you're willing to pay 20 cents postage each month?
If you do not have any life insurance yet, when they die you will die without any non-payment would likely pay for you.


No one saw the insurance operations like, everything that we see is that you pay the premium.
But you have touched the funeral of close friends to be seen of the difference of the check payment but the insurance is paid. pears in the funeral, the widow cried two times, once set-off behavior of the husband and the second collapse of their dreams shattered. No source of stable income, how much of hope were gone.
But thanks to the planned the wise, who through her most anticipated and buy insurance to nourish their children to college and provide for his wife when Retired.

30. ADDING likelihood of getting married

Are we adverse a young man wanted to show love and responsibility is not he married with his wife by buying life insurance is not his own?
He's insisted his responsibilities with family future and your future wife.
At a ceremony at the church, asked her father shared, "Evidence for love What is this?" Wedding ring will be a testament to the love nothing be changed. Her father may also ask: "And these other evidence that two other people more comfortable for yourself?", Hoping the answer is life insurance contracts.
Marriage is a beautiful thing, but nothing more was the fact that there is enough life insurance to also ensure that aspirations and ambitions not only the castle built on sand.

31. Asset accumulation.

Every time money well off, some people phoned the insurance consultant and ask them if insurance companies do not have new products? People often view insurance contracts as an asset can own.
Real Estate regarding large sums of money whether it's deposit or annuity. 10% of the amount $ 600,000 $ 60,000 an apartment. Has been found that non-insurance more feasible than deposits or lump sum payments. For only need about 500 USD / month or 6000USD/nam that people have posted on the first road 600.000USD own property.

32. VA Promotions added benefits.

Sometimes people are attracted vi de forms of promotion or increase the benefits associated with insurance contracts is more than insurance contracts. Maybe they think that the products covered by the insurance companies are similar in general, so people do choose the insurance company have a coupon discount, the price deals at hotels, restaurants, and free gifts. ....
But still it is important that it has purchased life insurance.
Could be explained as follows: life insurance like we own a travel. When it rains, elm is very useful, but many people do not raining when they give a comparative view of the host travelers who need more beautiful, more fashionable. But the umbrella is essentially always ready when it rained.

33. Genetics of these diseases.

Recently, people see their health insurance to buy. But we also observe their parents, but older than her thirty-year-old shoulders. They recognize that there may be a few more decades card will also have these diseases as parents today. Minh was a hereditary disease but the rules?
Some genetic diseases from one life to another. Disease can not see in a generation, but it may come back the next generation with more grim intensity. So when enough time, you will be wise to purchase insurance against the risk of measuring risk.

34. The feeling of TIME.

"Time is money". An advantage when buying insurance is purchased just before the birthday. The cost of life increased over time.
"Life insurance is just like the pun. As you get older to buy more expensive non-competition, and as time has scores to cloud expensive one did not give you them. "
It is best to buy insurance when young. The Parents visionary plan should also start accumulating savings for their children. When coming of age, children can continue with a contract of insurance premiums low.


The basic purpose of life insurance is that it helps people to make a dream when you're not there to fulfill his dream (of course, if you measure longevity can also implement your dreams into reality.) Second, if he survives to this day maturity exam insurance will provide financial support to make his dream than my man. Third, if the river but he accidentally disability exam life insurance made him dream.
This explains why monks also participated in social insurance. Amazingly, when the monks prayed Lifetime lymph living a simple bar to buy insurance again? y hidden behind What is that? Why were monks measure of the projects may have repaired the temple and if there is something that unfortunately still happens, financial construction to complete the repair.
In the dream of a husband, father, question always arises: "I want my family achieve your financial goals now or I would rather they have to do it alone."
Dream can become a nightmare if it does not have the help of life insurance.

36. Avoid the predictions of replaced.

He replaced boi boi rod flinch when an accident about to happen to the client. From the panic rising from pointing people to rush to meet with an advisor and insurance purchasing insurance demanded immediately.
Fortunately these are not insurance companies evaluate the global benefits because it is important for the buyer of insurance has been approved. Benefits because the whole is harmless but the results are again as expected, for example, do people also decide to buy insurance.
You can ask me rather by paragraph should live so long they will not need to buy life insurance, but we certainly one where anything right?

37. Dowry.

According to Indian custom for example, fathers who buy insurance to name 20 years later for their children married. By saving for their children each day, kind father was certain he will have a large sum for his daughter after 20 years. If unfortunately he died implementation daughter still greater when property to the husband.
All parents, travelers in the race always are, they all realize that a wedding gift will be a valuable gift that represents the true love that you give our children the right "grave" life of your children. Today, feminists, does not matter when it is your son or daughter, you love them equally and wanted to give our children the most valuable gift on the wedding day.

38. Pious.

Type of insurance you buy this kind of religious person, he thought that one day humans will have to answer before God: "I have to heaven so I've done for our children."
Option 1: He can not think anyone in the hospital as he would like to remind bound all that time, or select two options: he can answer that he had done the necessary steps to fund some educational institutions or rules established church or other religious organizations. He will select the second helping of life insurance are able to do his sublime measure.
Weighing only 2% of yearly income he would earn a valuable contribution rules. And if he does not keep up do it because not enough time in mundane life insurance exam will help him finish the remaining work.

39. The register for sure.

The people betting math realize that life insurance is a source of "sure".
Granted, the insurance company will agree to make sure that I will live to 100 years old, I played with a small fee each year.
If I live to 100 years old, I win, I will take all about the money I paid.
If I live to 100 years old, insurance companies will be fined and will pay gap2, 3 times or 10 times the amount I paid for them.
Truth is just a fee you buy insurance on time, in case of death, the insurance payment amount is always greater than the total number of non-closed.

40. ADDITIONAL like the product, buy product.

Some additional product the company can be purchased independently, some other products can only be purchased after you have purchased came with the main product. What is referred to as additional product.
For example, many people prefer the value of additional product illness should they have to buy a product key to obtain additional product now.

41. Donate to future generations a better chance.

Asians are known as those who are willing to accept extremely hard labor for their kids a brighter future. We read the history of Koreans who immigrated to America is ready to work hard and the vegetables several hours a day continuously in columns so the next generation get a better future.

42. Easy pushover disappeared from Insurance Consultant.

Is sad that many people buy insurance is to take concrete advice insurance quick sight. Perhaps because of insurance advice through persistent so customers can not not afford. So the best way is to buy an insurance contract and that disturbed later on.
Many insurance consultant can handle the language "no" politely refused and insisted customers. The reason why our consultants are very persistent, because they feel life insurance interests overseas customers have an aversion to them matter. If there is time and dedicated service, you will become confident our consultants and their relationship will bloom nicely.

43. CON numbers.

For some countries, it's more important figures other numbers. In Cantonese the number eight sounds like no means prosper, so the insurance consulting business on May 8 lucky 8, 1988. There is a contract you sold 5 to 5 different people just because it is now 08.08.88. Some people want to buy insurance on Independence Day, anniversary, wedding, children's birthday .....

44. To help Insurance Consultant.

Some people think that before the competition will also buy insurance, so they do not hesitate to but important advice that I know to help them.
This also may occur completely O you who do not know. Experience of an insurance consulting, starting a business there in a city who knew it. Decide to phone call "reaching" and gender of business owners expect them to help her open a business to business. A gas station owner helped her by buying a mixed insurance contracts $ 20,000 face value, he continued to have the confidence to approach the owner of another gas station. and so on where as military dominoes, she has pain where this relationship to other relationships.
A lot of people kind-hearted but a desire to help novices an opportunity to colonize. Were the first to buy life insurance. All what you need to do counseling to success is to persevere and be ready to support others to justify.

45. IT THAN DEATH opportunities.

Information can love a little bit but there are multiple calculations and has demonstrated this truth. But you have to buy insurance are less prone to die than those who do not buy.
A different way of thinking, people that once again for buying life insurance exam your name was already decided before the windows that natural and man will die soon. In both cases the feeling of love will dominate private decision makers.

46. Prove that the AI ​​is false.

You are not the type to want to buy insurance, so to prove that someone who, you decide to purchase insurance.
Co type who prefers to buy or do not like to buy insurance?
Co. But you do not buy insurance are the following types:
a, who does not want his wife wealthy when in Goa, like they do not want to leave too much money for their children for fear of general disrepair.
b, The people believe that when they die, no longer seen as something with family responsibilities.
c, Some will live longer believe that they should not need to buy insurance.
d, some people would want to compare insurance policies and fees of this company with other companies and never buy both.
But insurance buyers often have a strong feeling about whether to act properly and wanted to do one thing when something good ability. "You can not meditate too early, because you never know sometimes is too early means that through and then be late."

47. THROUGH impressed with the knowledge and serve other

piece of advice.
Many people buy insurance because they witnessed professional consulting work. They have seen many sales patterns captured across a raven so when dedicated consultants, they hesitated no qualms when insurance decisions quickly.
It said an advisory list of service-minded customer. In addition to contacts regularly visiting customers, he was the only consultant to send a birthday cake home each customer on their birthday. Even with the group insurance contract, he cut the ball divided equally between everyone in the company on the anniversary of the contract.

Counseling those with little work resonates quite brilliantly birthday. Some clients also said: "Even my husband I forget my birthday, my advisory letter again there are not forgotten." Of course good service does not just stop at the birthday card or greeting, it also means that we must regularly review the status of contracts and update new products to our clients.
Increasingly more people are proud to introduce myself to their insurance consultant to friends, relatives, co-workers. This in itself testifies to the quality and standards of a consultant has been improving a lot in the life insurance industry.