Mood affects diet of pregnant women

Mood affects diet of pregnant women Stress, anxiety, fatigue and other psychological factors can affect the diet of women during pregnancy, which have different effects to the healthy condition of the fetus.

The influence of nutrients is important to the health of the fetus, so women need to avoid mood affects their diet, experts warn.

Research by scientists at the School of Public Health Johns Hopkins Bloomberg conducted on 134 women. The study found that the case be more tired pregnancy than during pregnancy are those who consume more foods rich in zinc and energy.

The women recorded feeling stressed ate more bread and fast food with more fat content, protein, iron, zinc. Those who feel anxiety is recorded as taking less vitamin C than. These women feel depressed due to pregnancy is recorded as eating less meat.

The psychological factors in the survey include tension, anxiety, depression, anger, fatigue and social pressures.

"Our study may provide a clear understanding of the factors related to diet for pregnancy and opens new avenues to enhance the effectiveness of nutrition programs "Laura Caulfield at the Center for human Nutrition Bloomberg said.