More skin care tips for women in the dry season

With the situation increasingly hot weather like today, women's skin becomes dark, prone to acne, dark spots or dry irritated than ever. Therefore, proper skin care in the dry season becomes increasingly important.

Environmental pollution, smoke, dust, UV rays with these chemicals are toxic agents that can cause skin damage. For you women regularly exposed to computer screen due to work requirements often suffer from skin becomes dry.

Selecting safe cosmetics:

Most people do not understand the effects of chemical ingredients in cosmetics are sold in the market, therefore you should pay attention selection of prestige cosmetics brand to ensure safety for your skin. In addition, women should also prioritize the cosmetic use of natural origin, environmentally friendly. Besides the advantage that the composition contains less industrial chemicals, safer for users, these products also contribute to environmental protection.

Use the correct makeup tools:

One of the common errors that women make is not paying attention to makeup kits. Please note that selecting the brushes soft, smooth, manicured regularly. If possible, you should buy these brushes are made of fur or other natural materials because they can help avoid damage to sensitive skin.

In addition to protecting the safety of skin makeup every time you should also pay attention to hygiene and regular makeup tools. According to experts, the applicator should be cleaned at least once a month because it is where the bacteria can reside and be harmful to the skin. You can clean the brush with warm water mixed with shampoo more children, then let it dry on a clean towel.