Take the shoe does not hurt by surgery

According to the Daily Mail, women require more fillers injected into the toes, heels and soles increased to 21% in the past year in the UK. This helps them reduce pain, no pain even when wearing high heels.

Described as "almost painless", the treatment involves injecting collagen into the foot to create the animation smoothly, providing a cushion inside to relieve pressure on his legs when the body goes high heels. One treatment costs about (640 dollars) and effectiveness can last up to 6 months.

Type of surgery called "Cinderella" help narrow foot is becoming increasingly popular in Britain and America to help women can walk the narrow, pointed shoes.
In addition, fillers are still used for the face has been used in the leg as purely aesthetic reasons, it is to smooth the top of the foot bones as well as saggy knees in the summer months. Years ago, people also sought to Botox to improve the situation after soft tissue heel pain after years of wearing high heels.

Australian researcher Neil J. Cronin, recently published a study on high heels alter the biomechanics of the foot. He advised that if possible people should choose high heels shoes with appropriate height.

Should only go once or twice a week and try to remove the high clogs whenever possible, for example, when sitting at a desk