Lose weight "speedy" with vegetables

Diet with green vegetables will help you with sexy body

 -Vegetables contain all the essential vitamins for your body. With energy and nutrients, vegetables contribute to everyday activities in the metabolism of your body. Whether your purpose is what vegetables are vegetables also prove useful for your digestive tract. Check your diet to see if it was not reasonable in the following vegetables lightly.

7 days diet with Celery

• Celery, lettuce, juice and soup menu is considered the ideal of a balanced diet while dieting. Celery is good for removing toxins from the body so if you want to "clean" your body is eating celery with your favorite soup. You eat so from 3-4 meals a week to make sure your body is purged.

-You can drink celery juice or celery soup

One of the biggest advantages of celery soup you can eat for pleasure without having to worry about excess calories. Celery contains a lot of vitamins but low in calories. So, celery is the perfect solution for diet your weight loss. Besides celery soup meal you should combine with green vegetables and fruits. Dreamed of having a complete body will fire in your hands after you complete the diet with celery for 7 days.

3 days with tomato diet.

• Tomatoes are fruits are widely used and is considered the most perfect food for weight loss. Each vegetable has a different way of processing customers to serve different purposes. So you take advantage of the efficient detoxification of your tomatoes to develop the perfect light.

Tomatoes also there are many ways for you to enjoy the process and You just make the menu Na three days a week is fine:Breakfast: use 2 tomatoes mixed with boiled vegetables for breakfast.

Lunch: You eat American-style salad with tomatoes mixed with sweet peppers, lemon and olive oil.

Dinner: Tomato salad with lemon. This salad dish not many calories should you not have to worry for the accumulation of where calories cause weight gain.

The dietitian about diet also offers a few ideas to help curb your hunger with snacks. You can order yourself a glass processing tomato juice smoothie fresh appeal or tomato juice with other fruit with low fat milk and fresh cream.

7 days diet with Broccoli

Broccoli or cauliflower are good for your weight loss

• Broccoli or cauliflower is known as one of the most common vegetables used in the beauty and weight loss. Eating broccoli not only skin but also help you lose weight effectively. Broccoli can be processed into many delicious dishes for you to change the menu and continue your weight loss plan.

7 days diet with carrots!

Carrots Chewing also helps you consume calories

• Carrots are good for the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract of ban.De reduce fat with carrots you just know a few small rules as well. Use carrots in 7 days on 30 days of a month. Carrots will help you not struggle with hunger during the 7 day diet with it. Prepare a delicious salad and water to the menu for you in the next 7 days is rich to high efficiency light. Make sure that you will consume a significant amount of calories on the menu when the carrots here.

You will have the perfect body that demands admiration