Mercedes SLS AMG GT unveiled

Add the "GT" in the name, and strength increases, new cars joined the SLS, which is who replaces the current version of SLS AMG.

In a press release of German car manufacturers have lines of: "Mercedes SLS AMG special offers new GT. Vehicles with two coupe and roadster versions, will be sold in mid 11/2012". That means SLS AMG has ended the months to beat her, leaving the throne to SLS AMG GT.

SLS AMG GT uses the same 6.2 V8 engine from the current SLS, but the power was increased by 20 horsepower, up to 583 horsepower. Torque at 649 Nm and still keep the box level AMG Speedshift 7. Acceleration time from 0 to 100 km / h is 3.6 seconds, compared to 3.7 seconds of the SLS AMG. The maximum speed does not change, reaching 317 km / h.

However, not only the power upgrade, Mercedes has redesigned suspension system. New SLS using the previous 19-inch alloy wheels, with tires size 265/35, and 20-inch rims with tires 295/30.
Differences also appear in the cabin, including a new package Designo style. This option has 3 combining different colors, including two types of monochrome or color, with leather upholstery with high-contrast color stitches.

There are also many other options, such as carbon fiber details for both interior and exterior, carbon ceramic disc brakes, sound system Bang & Olufsen and wheel options.

When appearing in showrooms in Germany later this year, SLS AMG GT is priced at about $ 254,000 to $ 264,000 for the coupe and the roadster.

Born with the task of replacing Mercedes McLaren SLR, SLS AMG first unveiled at the Frankfurt auto show in 2009 and began to be sold in Europe since the mid-2010 for $ 220,000, and came to America in mid-2011 level less than $ 200,000.