Pregnant mother and a lot of anxiety

As a mother instinct mother should almost always be elected general concern about nutrition, safety ... of the fetus during pregnancy.

1. Pregnancy can make my child more hungry

Morning sickness makes you feel bad because you do not have the nutrients that your baby will be stunted, sickly. Fortunately, that's what most pregnant women go through, and your body will provide enough nutrition for babies, protecting children at all costs. Furthermore, no morning sickness phase lasted so long.
If you think your body is really tired, losing weight too much for morning sickness, then this should go see a doctor for examination.

2. I'm afraid with chickenpox

During pregnancy, women body weak resistance, so if someone chickenpox around the infected pregnant women is easy. As the fetus is susceptible to infection, even when she is in the womb.
Natural threats you had chickenpox is very small, and if in doubt you can call your doctor immediately for blood tests and antiviral medications to prevent your baby.

3. Exercise is dangerous

Anxiety is actually not true. Exercise during pregnancy and a perfect fit to ensure the health, help pregnant women have the strength to prepare for the period through labor and postpartum was busy again.
But should not exercise too hard, make the exercises gently and listen for the body slowly stops and set the right time. Swimming, walking, yoga exercises are ideal during pregnancy.

4. Travel will affect the fetus

If you must travel or travel by plane, you should go in the stage of pregnancy at 4-6 months. Many airlines do not allow pregnant 27 weeks pregnant on the plane to make sure or if you go, you must be certified by doctors monitoring.
Flying of course not affect the fetus, but the pressure changes likely to cause danger to the baby.

Five. Abdominal pain thought was about to lose your baby?

Absolutely not, most people were abdominal pain during pregnancy - especially when the first pregnancy. This is very normal phenomenon. The pain is caused by the uterine ligaments stretched.

6. Alcohol harm to the fetus

Many of us occasionally going out, partying with friends also want to drink wine, beer and even a little bit pregnant. But drinking too much during pregnancy would seriously affect the baby.
Especially during the early months of pregnancy, drinking alcohol makes a higher risk of miscarriage.
When you know you are pregnant, try to avoid alcohol completely, especially the first 3 months, since this is the most vulnerable period for the baby.

7. She thought the baby belly is not developing properly?

The size of your belly should not be equated with the size of the baby. If the first pregnancy, you are healthy do not need to worry about stomach size.
Babies under low or on your uterus, so if you do not see too much of his stomach was not too worried.

8. I have more vaginal

Most pregnant women were so, this does not mean your vaginal infection and it does not affect the baby.
More than normal vaginal discharge, no color, no odor is due to changes in hormones in the body during pregnancy only. To prevent infection, you should always clean.

9. I do not see the baby bike

It may be time baby relax, sleep, so do not worry if you do not see bikes.
Many mothers often stalked to see you do not pedal, immediately hit the road to see a doctor. Usually, at week 20, a child will pedal about 10 times / 12 hours. But there are times when your baby is awake, even sleeping at her to try, take my hand, resting gently on the abdomen for a while, you will see the bike there.

10. I am afraid will be born soon

At about week 36, you often see her abdomen swell , but this is not a sign of premature where - there are just practice contractions, to prepare for the return time of labor.
Let's just relax and enjoy the last stage before the official "forest sinks" you for your interest!