Cancer Monthly Forecast For September

This month, the sun will facilitate communication and will give you clarity of thought and strength when exposed, and promote dialogue mercury live up to a month of big and important communications. It will be your mental hotter and faster.

Show your emotions, because they are the source of almost all that can be experiencing physical discomfort. While going to allow things and people along the way, you can get something solid and secure about what your seat in the future. Your attention is directed to the aspects of your life that you want and that will produce happiness.


Reorganize your home and personal life still occupies a large part of your time and energy. I had plantees break up with someone, even leave the house. Any decision you make, agreements and legal issues are very important and must be very careful in these matters. Bittersweet Love also this month. Romantic month opportunities, but also the brand power struggles in the present relationship sometimes erupt. If you are single, you will have abundant opportunities affairs. Communication and dialogue remains the key in the relationships of all kinds. Can be friction you can have with siblings and relatives mitigate this month.


All issues become important communication in the workplace. It's a good time to buy for information on the issues that matter to you. Put the papers and your files, and your mail, everything. Will short trips to work are very productive. If you are working on something in the field of education, communications or business is the big stage. There may be surprises and disappointments of all kinds. The desire for change is growing stronger, but you must be very careful and little aguantes, but if you have something safe hands.


In many cases health precautions you take, because although it does not appear any direct physical illness. If we can see how the president and constant thoughts can gambling tricks. You will have strong willingness to have a slower than normal digestion. It would be advisable to start a healthy and balanced diet more, and avoid eating only cause your digestion is slower and heavier.