Is My Karma Good or Bad? The Simple Secret For Correcting Your Karma at ANY Age

Q: Do we create or CHOOSE our own karma before we are born, or do the things we do in each lifetime determine what happens in the next?

A: While of course, no one can be 100% sure how karma works exactly (as most of us believe that a certain amount of uncertainty is built into all spiritual laws by design) the truth is, my own experience reveals that soul agreements, both between yourself and other spiritual partners (your soul-mates, for example) as as well soul contracts you make with your OWN higher self are both critical to growth, progress and spiritual progress.

Here are some simple karmic concepts that CAN help you make massive life changes in minimum time.

1 - It's Never too late.

What's ironic about this is that some people think that it's too late to fix, or improve their karma or spiritual path. The irony? That the whole concept of karma speaks to your LARGER and authentic self, and not to one single lifetime. So if you believe in the idea that your "soul" or spiritual self is timeless and exists beyond the body, you understand it can NEVER be too late to improve your actions, pick a new path or purpose, and correct your karma to boot.

2 - Everything is about learning, choice, and spiritual growth

I don't want to get into topics that are a bit esoteric or controversial here, but many psychics, sensitives and spiritual coaches believe that on some level, there ARE no bad choices. That even the absolute worst decisions provide an opportunity for growth. That even the worst people are simply being given an opportunity to experience the effects of choosing very, very badly... and learning to experience the consequences of those actions.

If you believe in the idea that this lifetime is merely a small shadow of true spiritual destiny, you begin to understand that in the grand scheme of things, it's all small stuff that ultimately can be fixed simply through learning.

3 - The act of AWARENESS itself is everything. Just being aware that karma is a real universal law is a huge step in the right direction, and a great way of becoming INSTANTLY aware and accountable for your actions. If you believe this, and act with a spiritual sensitivity to yourself and others, you automatically improve your own karma... and help a whole lot of others along the way. By being compassionate, and kind, and forgiving, you can do amazing things for the Universe at large. And in my world, that a BIG victory for all of us.

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