Tips to remodel the kitchen

Before you start lifting the floor, remove the tiles from the walls, remove the drawers and wallpaper from the wall of our kitchen, we must consider several important things and do calculations for us not remain only half the job fact. So I bring eight important steps to remodel the kitchen, style and budget.

1 - The kitchen floors take about six percent of the budget. Please note that wood is warm, but wears out can easily, so it is only a good option if you do not have a lot of traffic for that space. Antico is an alternative that looks like wood, but it is more durable.

2 - The upper cabinets or countertops  take about 14 percent of the budget and the options are almost limitless, from blades that look old to concrete. The best option is granite, on the aspect of timeless and durable character. It is very beautiful, natural and very easy to maintain.

3 - One of the places that was not paying much attention, but now it is the back of the burners you cook. This is the part of the kitchen that we look when we are preparing more meals, so it's good to get creative and make a space to enjoy.

4 - The color in the kitchen is fabulous, especially if most of implements and places like the sink or dishwasher are stainless steel. So we will give more life and convert the kitchen into a more pleasant place.

5 - If you're looking for a sink or dishwasher gauge stainless steel is very important. The lower the gauge number, the higher the quality, so the 18 gauge is the best, but it is harder to get. So it is recommended to buy a 22 gauge is achieved in most places that sell construction parts.

6 - There are now many options in lighting of spaces, including the kitchen. But some pockets can be expensive and hard to find, so you better find out the costs before committing to a kind of enlightenment.

7 - To save on tools and utensils for our kitchen remodel, we recommend buying them all from one place, since some of them offer discounts when purchasing several implements.

8 - If you will buy appliances, make sure to fit our lifestyle and use them we will give. For example, now sold a dishwasher drawer size need not completely fill it for use and saves space.