Water world Jennifer Lopez enjoys a fun day of swimming with her twins and her boyfriend

Jennifer Lopez has spent this summer to soak. The singer has combined the best that has been his Euphoria tour with Enrique Iglesias with his family getaways.
He began his summer in Brazil where she was spotted with a variety of bikinis and swimsuits and is ending in Miami, where the singer has revealed itself in the company of her twins and her boyfriend enjoy a fun day of swimming.

Boasting curves, those who have crowned him as one of the sexiest women, Jennifer wore to this day a canary yellow bikini, which enhanced his tanned skin further. Tired of staying in the sun, the singer decided to take a bath and using that Casper was with Max and Emme in the pool, literally threw to him.
After cooling, Jennifer Lopez decided to return to his chair, while Casper decided stay with Emme doing tightrope in the pool, making it clear that little has inherited the balance and coordination of their mom laureate.

Leveraging their muscles toned, Casper had no problem keeping Emme on his shoulders and even on his back while Max splashed around them.

Born in February 2008, the result of failed marriage with Marc Anthony Jennifer Lopez, the twins have found the best dancer playmate, and the relationship between small and her mother's boyfriend has reached the point of being wonderful.

Jennifer came to Miami in mid-week to prepare to be his last two performances of his world tour with Enrique Iglesias.