Fight fatigue with an energizing diet

The return to the routine after the summer holidays may be accompanied by a great physical and mental fatigue. The key is to avoid a diet that will bring us all the energy we need.

Back to school children, return to work, the falling temperatures ... After the summer, the return to normalcy coupled with many other factors, can cause us to feel especially tired and listless. Maintain a healthy diet to provide us with all the necessary nutrients is key to reactivate the body and give you the energy you need to cope with everyday life.

The team Obesity Unit Option Medical Clinic, specialists in Plastic, Advanced Aesthetic Medicine and Treatment of Obesity, gives you the keys to restore the body's vitality and energy to tackle all the challenges that will arise during day.

Prohibited skip breakfast. "The specialists do not get tired of repeating: breakfast is the most important meal and will largely determine how we feel during the day," says Laura Labernia, head of the Unit of Nutrition and Dietetics Option Medical Clinic. A good breakfast should always consist of cereals, milk and a good dose of protein.

Snacking is not only allowed, but is recommended. To provide consistent energy throughout the day is important to give your body the fuel needed dose. To do this, you should carry at least 4 or 5 daily intakes fewer and try not to be more than 4 hours without taking any food. "Best for snacks in the morning and evening is a nice piece of fresh fruit, yogurt or a handful of nuts, they also help us to reduce levels of bad cholesterol," says Labernia.

Limit consumption of bakery products and caffeine. Both sugar and caffeine they do is provide a shot of instant energy to our body, but this euphoria soon disappears and is replaced by a greater feeling tired if possible. In addition, the bakery is not the healthiest choice because its nutritional value is very low and the amount of sugars and fats too high.