The Nokia Lumia 920 is already in the hands of Jessica Alba

I have been provoked or someone has gotten a little leg?, Not very clear, but what is known is that the famous actress Jessica Alba has become the latest celebrity to be seen with a mobile device is not yet marketed.

Not the first time a famous stars in one of the news, getting the latest technology before the user. For better or worse, envy or not, and I have to have it before free, which is no less curious.

For manufacturing companies, in this case Nokia and Microsoft, is a good way to advertise to the public without hiring the services of the actor. With mobile giving, have said it is possible that you will see him.

In the case of the Nokia Lumia 920, it is not known if it was an idea of Nokia and Microsoft voluntary, or if a notice had been given to Jessica Alba to not wear it in public for now. In any case, it is a promotional tool of great value.

Apparently, Alba is a true Windows Phone, because in the past we have seen with a Nokia Lumia 900.